1. Education

Frontier Studies

Investigations of the contact-point between explorers and explored, in time and in material culture.

Colonial Williamsburg (USA)
The town of Williamsburg, Virginia, was founded during the 17th century and the capital of Virginia between 1699 and 1780; but the site is significant in terms of its experimental and public archaeology efforts.

La Purisma Mission
A Spanish colonial mission in central California near the present town of Lompoc.

From the PBS series of the same name, a web site with information on four 16th century explorers of the Americas: Cortes, Cabeza de Vaca, Pizarro, and Orellana.

Early American Industries Association
An association to encourage the study of early American industries; includes a newsletter.

Hudson's Bay Company Digital Collection
A virtual display of artifacts from the Manitoba Museum. French and English.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project
From the University of Virginia, a collection of searchable texts, including seminar analysis of various topics, biographical profiles of selected colonists, and probate inventories pertaining to Plymouth Colony, 1620-1691.

Smoke Pfeiffer's Fur Trade and Historical Archaeology Bibliography
As usual, an extensive and mighty useful resource, this version stored on Megan Springate's site.

Spanish and Portuguese Settlements in South America
An analysis of the differences between historical archaeology in South America and North America; and what the study of Spanish and Portuguese settlements means to the modern population. An article in Naya by Pedro Paolo A. Funari. Spanish.

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