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Archaeology Magazines

Great places for the enthusiast (and the professional for that matter) to learn about what's going on in archaeology of the world.

Archaeology Magazines as News Sources
The pros and cons of relying on archaeology magazines as sources for popular news stories.

American Archaeology
From the Archaeological Conservancy, a magazine devoted to the archaeology of the United States, Canada and Latin America; and a great source of archaeology news.

Archaeology Magazine
Now celebrating its fiftieth year of publication, Archaeology magazine publishes six times a year; and for my money, the best and most accurate source of archaeology news.

Biblical Archaeology Review
Edited by Herschel Shanks, BAR covers the archaeology of the old and new testaments in a nondenominational way; often controversial, always entertaining.

Cultural Resource Management
Free online magazine published by the United States National Park Service, can be downloaded as a PDF or read online.

Current Archaeology
Britain's leading archaeology magazine; and a great source of archaeology news for the United Kingdom.

Evolutionary Anthropology
From Wiley InterScience, articles of current interest in biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, archaeology, functional morphology, social biology, and bone biology. A tad more academic than your usual general public magazine.

From the University of Pennsylvania Museum, subscriptions are three issues per year, has several articles each issue on recent research of the anthropologists at Pennsylvania. 

A quarterly journal of ancient Egypt and Egyptologists, published for over 15 years.

London Archaeologist
The London Archaeologist is published quarterly and contains articles on the archaeology of London, one of the oldest cities in the world.

Published in London six times a year, Minerva covers primarily, but not exclusively, old world archaeology with an emphasis on ancient art history.

Near Eastern Archaeology
From the American Schools of Oriental Research, Near Eastern Archaeology brings a scholarly approach to the study biblical archaeology and the broader Middle East.

Past Horizons - Online Magazine
Past Horizons is a free online magazine of volunteer archaeology and training, published six times annually by David Connolly and Maggie Struckmeier of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource.

Smithsonian Magazine
Monthly organ of the Smithsonian Institution, the Smithsonian magazine regularly covers archaeological topics.

Archaeology News Sources
The pros and cons of different kinds of sources of archaeology news: magazines, academic journals, weblogs, electronic newsletters, electronic discussion lists and more.

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