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Ghana Archaeology

Resources on the archaeology and cultural history of the African country of Ghana.

Adobe Mud Brick Coumound, Sirigu, Ghana
A Butabu mud brick building, photographed in 2000 by James Morris.

Akan Culture
In the 11th century AD the Akan were a West African forest kingdom in what is now Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Civilizations in Africa: Ghana
An essay on the Sahelian kingdoms of Ghana, from Richard Hooker's World Civilizations.

Early Asante and European Contacts - Journal des africanistes
Direct European contacts with Asante go back to the time of the founding of the Asante State in AD 1700, and a few foreigners visited it during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Paper by Peter Shinnie.

Elmina (Ghana)
Elmina is the name of a Portuguese colony built in 1482 in coastal Ghana.

Ghana World: Arts-Culture-History
Ghana World contains image-rich information on the history and culture of Ghana. Available in many languages, including English.

Takrur Empire
The Takrur empire was an early kingdom of west Africa, including much of Ghana and the western Sahara desert.

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