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Glass and Glass Making

Glass making and glass blowing in the ancient world

Glass Making: An Illustrated History
The history of glass, from the use of raw obsidian to the marvels of Venetian glass.

Glass Making History and Archaeology
A bibliography of the history of glass making, from an archaeological standpoint.

A Glass Resource
From the Corning Museum of Glass, a tremendous resource on the history and art of glass-making.

Amarna: Finds from a Faience Workshop
From the Petrie collection, a collection of molds used by faience workers in Egypt.

Chemical Composition of Glass in Ancient Egypt
From Mikey Brass of The Antiquity of Man, a good description of the history and technique of glass production in Egypt.

Glassmaking in Roman Times
This website is from the University of Pennsylvania Museum, exploring "several aspects of the history of glassworking throughout the six centuries of Roman domination of the Mediterranean world," including process and form.

Historic Glass Bottle Identification
From Bill Lindsey of the the US Bureau of Land Management, the initial start of what looks to be a great website with lots of photographs and discussion for dating historic glass bottles.

International Association for Obsidian Studies
A terrific resource for researchers in the prehistoric use of natural glass, the IAOS website contains loads of articles on the use of obsidian, as well as chemical information on sources of obsidian throughout the world.

Looking through Roman Glass
From David Whitehouse at Archaeology magazine, a discussion of the Roman art of glass blowing.

Looking through Roman Glass
From Archaeology Magazine, a report and more information, put together for the University of Pennsyvlania's traveling exhibition on Roman glass.

Roman and Islamic Glass at Quseir al-Qadim
A brief report on the findings of glass trading and manufacturing at what is likely the ancient site of Myos Hormos, a Ptolemaic and Roman port engaged in trade with India and one of the world's great port cities.

The Glass Encyclopedia
A commercial site with some useful components, providing descriptions, information, and photographs of various types of decorative glassware.

The Life of Ancient Egyptians: Glass Making
From Jimmy Dunn at IntercityOz, a discussion of techniques used at the 19th-dynasty glass factories at Lisht.

Torcello (Italy) - Glass-Making Workshops in the Venetian Lagoon
Torcello is the name of an island in the Venetian lagoon, where evidence for the development of Venetian glass-making arising from that of the Romans has been identified.

Wondrous Glass
Another website built for a museum exhibit; this one at the Kelsey Museum. This site has a great deal of information on Roman glass techniques and history.

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