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Archaeology Dictionary - Index

Learn archaeology one word at a time. More than a list of words and definitions - these are mini-lessons in archaeology. Explore definitions, illustrations, and overviews of a variety of cultures, civilizations, and sites. Listed below are the major sources of information gathered for this project. Any mistakes are mine.

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Defining Archaeology and Allied Disciplines
The people who study the human past do not all call themselves archaeologists. There are historians and paleontologists, anthropologists and paleonthropologists, forensic archaeologists and forensic anthropologists. While there is a lot of overlap in these fields, and the scientists themselves sometimes give contradictory definitions, there are some broad definitions that we can build to illumina…

Ancient History Glossary
A dictionary of glossary entries used in the study of ancient history from N.S. Gill.

Archaeology of Ancient Greece
James Whitley. 2001. The Archaeology of Ancient Greece. Cambridge University Press, London. 419 pp., recommendations for further reading, bibliography, and an index. James Whitley's Archaeology of Ancient Greece is a chronologically-ordered encyclopedia of the archaeology and history of Archaic and classic period Greece

Archaeology of Greece
William R. Biers. 1996. Cornell University Press, Ithaca. 2nd edition ISBN 0-8014-3173-5 (alkaline paper). A chronologically-ordered introduction to the art and architecture of classical Greece.

African Archaeology
David W. Phillipson. 2005. African Archaeology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Phillipson's encyclopedia is arranged chronologically, but has an index for dictionary fans.

Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America
Susan Toby Evans and David L. Webster. 2000. Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encyclopedia. Garland Publishing, New York. Evans and Webster is an encyclopedia and dictionary of ancient Latin America, constructed alphabetically, and with contributions by specialists.

Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia.
Charles Higham. 1989. The Archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Higham's 1989 book is an introduction, and so arranged chronologically rather than as an encyclopedia.

Aspects of African Archaeology
Gilbert Pwiti and Robert Soper (eds). 1996. Aspects of African Archaeology. University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare. Aspects is an edited volume, with contributed articles on encyclopedia entries of culture and history in Africa. Lacks an index, but has excellent articles from specialists in the field.

Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia
Pam J. Crabtree. 2001. Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia. Garland Publishing, New York. Crabtree's Medieval Archaeology is set up alphabetically as an encyclopedia and dictionary.

New Perspectives on China's Past
Xiaoneng Yang. 2004. New Perspectives on China's Past: Chinese Archaeology in the Twentieth Century. Yale University Press, New Haven Connecticut. The first volume in this massive encyclopedia is dedicated to current understandings of the cultures and history of China; the second details 20th century excavations. Arranged chronologically.

Oxford Companion to Archaeology
Brian M. Fagan. 1996. The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. Oxford University Press, New York. Fagan's encyclopedic dictionary is encyclopedic in coverage and arranged alphabetically.

Prehistoric Europe
Barry Cunliffe (ed). 1998. Prehistoric Europe: An Illustrated History. Oxford University Press, Oxford. Cunliffe's introduction to the prehistory of Europe is set up chronologically.

Prehistory of Australia
John Mulvaney and Johan Kamminga. 1999. Prehistory of Australia. Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. Mulvaney and Kamminga's encyclopedia is arranged chronologically.

Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago
Peter Bellwood. 1985. Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago. Academic Press, Orlando. Bellwood's encyclopedia has been recently republished; the one I have on hand is an introduction and arranged chronologically.

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