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Guide to Graduate Schools in Archaeology

From your guide to Archaeology, a listing of the colleges and universities in the world that provide students with graduate degrees in archaeology, searchable by keywords, location, and name.
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  4. Grad School Advice (43)

Survey of Ph.D. Programs (SAA)
A 1993 survey of 163 PhD-bearing archaeologists in the Americas discussing how to choose the best school, and how to figure out what a good graduate program is.

TORC: Archaeology in Higher Education
A factsheet on post-graduate education in archaeology in the United Kingdom, including a list of schools that offer those degrees, entrance requirements, etc.

Applying to Graduate School
From Lesley Nicholls, formerly Administrative Assistant at the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary, a step-by-step guide on the process of applying to graduate school in archaeology.

Guide to Graduate Schools: FAQ
Frequently asked questions about About Archaeology's Guide to Graduate Schools.

Universities Make Space for Katrina Student Survivors
Many universities in North America are opening their doors to students and faculty displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Here's a list of the schools offering to assist displaced scholars, with links to their offerings.

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