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South American Civilizations and Cultures

South American culture history and archaeology sorted out by the civilization, Inca, Tiwanaku, Moche, Chimu and all the others.
  1. Caral Supe Civilization
  2. Inca Civilization
  3. Moche Culture

Andean Civilizations
The Andean Civilizations is a term used by archaeologists to refer to any of several civilizations of the Andes Mountains

Chachapoyas Culture
Chachapoyas culture is the name given to an Andean civilization, located in the Amazon rainforest

Chanka Polity
The Chanka was a small polity in the Peruvian highlands following the Wari empire and a rival to the Inca civilization

Chaparron Complex
The Chaparron culture in the name given to a group of people who lived in sedentary villages of lower central America, especially Costa Rica, between about 1000-500 BC.

Chavín Culture
The Chavín culture is the name of a cultural group in Peru, now thought to have been primarily a religious cult, dated from about 400-200 BC.

Chimú State
The Chimú state, also called the "Kingdom of Chimor," was an Andean civilization established in Peru about 850 AD, and conquered by the Inca in 1470.

Chorrera Culture
The Chorrera culture is the name given to the Late Formative period in Ecuador's Andes and coastal areas

Muisca Culture
The Muisca culture were people who lived in the Andes Mountains of central Columbia from about AD 1000-1550.

Nasca Civilization
The Nasca civilization was located on the south coast of Peru between AD 1-700. It is known for elaborate textile and ceramic art, but most spectacularly for the Nasca Lines.

Paracas Culture
The Paracas culture is the archaeological term for a contemporary culture of Chavin on the southern coast of Peru.

Pucara Culture
The people of the Pucara culture lived in the southern Andes between about 100 BC-AD 100.

Quimbaya Culture
The people of the Quimbaya culture of Colombia (AD 300-1550) were goldsmiths par excellence

Recuay Culture
The Recuay Culture is one of several fairly advanced pre-inca societies of the first millennium AD in Peru.

Selk'nam People
The Selk'nam were hunter-gatherers who lived in Tierra del Fuego at the very southern end of the South American continent.

Sican Culture
The Sican culture is the name archaeologists have given to one of several gold-working people who predated the Inca in what is now Peru between about 900-1300 AD.

Sinú Culture
The Sinú culture of South America is another of several gold-working communities located on the Colombian coastline between about AD 300-1550.

Wari Empire
The Wari or Huari Empire was a sophisticated civilization established in the central Andes of Peru during the Middle Horizon (between about AD 750 and 1000).

Chachapoya Culture
The Chachapoya culture is what ethnohistorians and archaeologists call a loosely confederated group of cities located on mountain tops in northern Peru from about 1000-1500 AD.

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