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India Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of India.
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Bones of the Buddha - Secrets of the Dead
The Bones of the Buddha, from PBS's Secrets of the Dead series, is an hour-long video describing the archaeological and historical evidence for one of the Buddha's burial places.

The Bellary District Archaeological Project
Excavations and survey from the University College London on Neolithic and Iron Age southern India.

An Outline of the History of Kashmir
Professor L. N. Dhar describes the cultural history of the Kashmir district.

Ancient India at the British Museum
A new online display from the British Museum, is meant for middle school students and teachers, but interesting for nearly anybody on the cultures of India.

Explore the Taj Mahal
A free virtual visit to the amazing Taj Mahal is available online now, with slide shows of architectural details and 360 degree virtual tours. Stunning.

Exploring India
The history of exploration of the Harappan civilization by British explorers and archaeologists is not all good news.

India's Archaeology
A photo essay of several archaeological ruins around India, from my pals at Flickr.

Kamat's Potpourri
Subtitled "The History, Mystery, and Diversity of India," Kamat's Potpourri has been on the Internet as long as I can remember, and every year it gets a little richer in breadth and information. Truly a Best of the Net resource for Indologists.

Maps and Geography of India
Matt Rosenberg, guide to Geography for About, has collected several maps and related information about India, part of his World Atlas.

Monuments of India - Photography
From the Old Stones website, a collection of many hundreds of photographs from Indian monuments taken by Michael D. Gunther.

Pilgrimage Places of India
Photographs and commentary on 23 architectural sites in India, from anthropologist/wanderer Martin Gray and his Sacred Sites website; click on the Index at the bottom to see the entire list.

Portals of the World: India
Portals of the World is political and cultural information about many world countries, assembled by the United States Library of Congress.

Remembering the Heroes: Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
From the inventive Kamat family, an interesting page on survey work of death memorials in central India, with images of sculpted stone and wooden markers.

Richard Hooker's Atlas of India
From Richard Hooker's <i>World Cultures</i> site, maps of the regions and cities of the empires of India's past.

Rock Paintings of Bhimabetaka
Traveller K. L. Kamat takes a trip 40 km south of Bhopal to see ancient rockshelter drawings.

Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization (S. Kalyanaraman)
A plain text description by S. Kalyanaraman of his interpretations of the Sarasvati-Sindhu (Vedic/Indus) civilization.

Sharma Centre for Heritage Education
From Dr. Shanti Pappu, resources for the educator on the archaeology of India, as well as reports on archaeological investigations such as Attirampakkam paleolithic site.

Temple Net
This site seems to certainly live up to its billing as the "ultimate source of information on Indian temples."

The History of the History of India
From Kamat's Potpourri, a brief summary of the myriad sources of history about the rich cultural heritage of India.

The Memorials of Madhya Pradesh
From the inventive Kamat family, an interesting page on survey work of death memorials in central India, with images of sculpted stone and wooden markers.

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