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The Royal Tombs of Aksum

A Tour of the Ethiopian Iron Age Site


In 1998, the now-late archaeologist Stuart Munro-Hay contacted me and asked if I would move his wonderful website on the history of excavations at Axum to my website. I was happy to be able to do so. The following is an update of Munro-Hay's project, in that it is in a new format, with with some additional figures. I hope he would approve.

During his formative years, archaeologist Stuart Munro-Hay had the good fortune to work with the esteemed scholar Neville Chittick of the British Institute of Eastern Africa, as he excavated the Iron Age site of Aksum in what is now Ethiopia. The 1974 excavation proved a thrilling experience, as is clear from the glimpse Stuart provides us with, into what the excavation was like and what he learned from it.

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Passageway Beneath Tomb Entrance, AxumImagine a Small Hole...Axumite Architecture at Gondar Axumite Architecture at Gondar 1906 Excavation Plan of Axum (Ethiopia)Something Exceptional in EthiopiaRed Sea off Sinai PeninsulaKing Zoskales of Aksum
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Engraving of an excavated Aksumite style palace at Lalibela.Monumental ArchitectureObelisk at Axum, EthiopiaAxum's ObelisksH. Neville Chittick and Stuart Munro-Hay, during excavationExcavating Axum
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