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Kennewick Man: Latest News and Information


Kennewick Man Series: Table of Contents

To date, scientific studies of the Kennewick Man have yet to be formally published, although the most recent findings were reported in an informal address by National Museum of Natural History archaeologist Douglas Owsley to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, in March of 2006. In depth news stories are listed below and will be periodically updated.

Latest Information

According to the news reports of March 2006, there is evidence that:
  • Kennewick Man was purposefully buried near the river bank, where his skeleton eroded out some six months before his discovery in 1996. There may have been other burials, but since the area has been buried by rock, it is impossible to say for sure.
  • He was 5 foot nine inches tall, right-handed, and probably between 38 and 55 when he died.
  • He was a quite muscular man who during his life sustained many injuries, including a spear point shot from several yards away and embedded in his hip, and several fractures including depression fractures of the skull. He survived from all of them, and his cause of death is not yet known.
  • He also suffered from arthritis in his vertebrae, knees and elbows, but not at a crippling level.
  • Radiocarbon dates on the skeletal material indicate he died about 9,400 years ago.

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Kennewick Man Series: Table of Contents

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