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The study of the human use of stone for tools.
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Lithics and Lithic Analysis - The Study of Stone in Archaeology or Lit
Archaeologists use the (slightly ungrammatical) term 'lithics' to refer to artifacts made of stone.

A Theory for Flake Creation
A new paper from Tony Baker, summarizing his years of work on experimental archaeological tests on stone tool production.

Annotated Atlatl Bibliography (J. Whittaker)
John Whittaker's (Grinnell College) annotated bibliography is extremely useful for folks wanting to investigate more about this prehistoric hunting method.

Crescents are chipped stone objects found on Paleoindian and preclovis sites throughout the western US.

Digital Crabtree
Computer simulation of Folsom fluting; a paper for the 2000 SAA by Tony Baker.

Flake - Stepchild of Lithic Analysis
Tony Baker provides us with a description of the joys of flakiness, including a definition, photographs, measurements frequently taken, and why this most ubiquitous of archaeological artifact is of some importance.

Flakes from Flat Surfaces
An article by flint-knapper Jim Winn on his experimental techniques examining flaking patterns from working with different tools on flat slabs. A recent addition to Tony Baker's terrific lithics page.

Levallois Technique
Levallois is the name archaeologists have given to a distinctive flint knapping technique, which makes up part of the ancient Acheulean and Mousterian artifact assemblages.

Get to the Point: A Lighter View of Lithics
Lithic artifacts--stone tools such as arrow heads--are very important to archaeological science. But my goodness! what a lot of myths there are concerning them.

Lithic Containers
The latest interesting article from lithic-specialist Tony Baker, Lithic Containers discusses the recognition of when a stone artifact is an exhausted core--the last leftovers from a tool manufacture.

Lithic Technology
The journal of choice for lithic types, edited by George Odell.

Ian Cross, lecturer in Music at Wolfson College at Cambridge, has this interesting idea about making stone tools and music--simultaneously.

Stone in Archaeology
Another wonderful resource tool from ADS, the Stone in Archaeology database is a searchable reference for lithic source. The database includes data on over 200 stones, 300 quarry locations and 500 usage examples of lithics throughout England, and can be searched by texture, color, or any other attribute.

The Clovis/Folsom Transition
A new paper by Tony Baker on what he believes is the transitional technology between the paleoindian projectile points of Clovis and Folsom.

Trivia Quiz: Obsidian
What do you know about obsidian? Try this quick quiz and find out.

Understanding Flake Mechanics
From Tony Baker, a page describring how he has used some hard-core "Finite Element Analysis" to model flake creation for Folsom points.

Stone Tools in Archaeology
A short list of stone tool types and definitions used by archaeologists

LithicsNet Point Typology
A broad collection of point types, covering mostly central and eastern North American forms, but many of the classic western ones as well. Sorted by hafting shapes.

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