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Underwater Archaeology - Marine and Maritime

Underwater archaeology includes archaeological investigations into ships and sailing, as well as the study of seacoasts and other archaeological sites. Archaeology conducted in water has special problems and issues, including the hazards of diving, mapping of underwater sites, and preservation of materials recovered from sites located in lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, and riverbeds.
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1733 Spanish Galleon Trail
From the Florida Office of Historical and Cultural Programs, a website dedicated to the exploration of Spanish galleons wrecked off the Florida keys in the 18th century.

Alexandria, the Sunken City: NOVA
American Public Broadcasting Service did a series on the underwater archaeology exploration of Alexandria, the Hellenistic capital of ancient Egypt; this is the website developed for the series.

Archaeological Investigations at USS Arizona
Recent underwater archaeology investigations by the US National Park Service of the wreck of the American battleship sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in December of 1941.

Kyushu and Okinawa Society for Underwater Archaeology
News about several underwater archaeology projects from Japan and Asia, including submerged terrestrial sites and shipwrecks. Pages in English and Japanese.

Maritime Archaeology in Russia
A discussion of the problems and history of maritime and underwater archaeology in the Black Sea region of Russia, from Petr Sorokin of the Russian Academy of Science.

Maritime Archaeology
The study of ships and sea-faring is often called maritime or marine archaeology, and one of the essential forms of transportation.

Nordic Underwater Archaeology
There isn't a better site on the internet about underwater archaeology, including academic department listings, project descriptions, and diving links. Emphasis on northern Europe, but resources around the world.

PaleoAucilla Prehistory Project
PaleoAucilla is the name of an underwater archaeology project conducted at an underwater Clovis site located in the ancient Ancilla river valley and excavated by Florida State University during the summer of 1998.

Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific
Investigations by anthrpologists Steve Thomas and Warren Goodenough, and master navigator Mau Piailug, into ancient Polynesian sailing techniques.

Underwater Archaeology for Children
From the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, a description intended for children, on how underwater archaeology is performed and what goes into the research.

Underwater Archaeology in a Taino Cenote
Results of recent investigations in the Dominican Republic by California State Parks and Indiana University.

Underwater Archaeology
From the French government, information on underwater archaeological sites in Europe, with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean. Available versions in French and Arabic as well as English.

US Naval Historical Center: Underwater Archaeology Brance
Baseline information from the US Naval Historical Center on the permitting process, preservation techniques, historic shipwrecks of the US Navy, etc.

Wisconsin's Maritime Trails
From the Wisconsin Historical Society, a guide to shipwrecks in and around the state. Includes a visitor's guide and a searchable database.

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