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Top 5 Destinations: Megalithic Sites


As destinations go, megalithic sites are among the most ancient and mysterious places to visit. Places like Stonehenge and the temples at Malta are so ancient that we have no idea what the builders were thinking, what their societies were like, what their religions dictated. That's why they are so interesting!

1. The Morbihan Coast, France

The 3000 Neolithic menhirs, dolmens, passage graves and stone rows near the town of Carnac in the Bretagne region of France are among the oldest, if not the oldest of the megalithic known in the European World. Yet, they are only one of numerous such sites on the Morbihan Coast of France. Therefore, we name Carnac and the Morbihan Coast as the #1 Megalithic Destination to visit.

2. Orkney Neolithic Heartland, Scotland

On the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland can be found the Standing Stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar and the Neolithic ruins of the Barnhouse Settlement and Skara Brae, make the Orkney Heartland our #2 spot for the top five megalithic sites in the world.

3. Megalithic Tombs of Malta and Gozo

# 3 on our list of all-time great Megalithic sites to visit is the Mediterranean Islands of Malta and Gozo, colonized by the Neolithic farmers around 4000 BC.

4. Boyne Valley, Ireland

The Brugh na Bóinne (Boyne Valley) of Ireland has several large megalithic tomb sites, including Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and Four Knocks; together they rate #4 on our all-time greatest megalithic sites to visit.

5. Stonehenge, England

The quintessential megalithic site for the western world, and #5 on our countdown of the world's greatest megalithic sites, is Stonehenge, where every solstice, modern day druids still celebrate the end of winter.

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