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Mesoamerica Culture History and Archaeology

Mesoamerica includes the ancient Aztec, Maya, Toltec, and Olmec civilizations of the Central American continent. These advanced civilizations Mesoamerica culture a rich and fascinating study, including the countries of Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Islands.
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  2. Costa Rica
  3. Cuba
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. El Salvador
  6. Guatemala
  7. Honduras
  8. Mexico
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  10. Turks and Caicos (9)

Important Sites in Central Mexico
Central Mexico has a wealth of fascinating and famous sites to visit.

Mesoamerican Caves
Caves were significant ritual locations for the ancient Maya and other Mesoamerican societies.

Tenayuca - Capital City of the Chichimecs
Tenayuca is the name of archaeological ruins located north of Mexico City, and famous for being the capital city of the Chichimec

The Pyramid of Cholula
The great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid in the American continents--and among the largest in the world.

El Teúl, Zacatecas (Mexico)
Cerro El Teul is an isolated hilltop site on the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico; it has evidence of early metalworking during the Early Postclassic period

Palenque (Mexico)
Palenque is an important classic Maya site with an amazing aqueduct system

Mitla, Oaxaca (Mexico)
Mitla, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, was an important religious center for the ancient Zapotec people.

Precolumbian Jade
Jade was probably the most precious stone for ancient Mesoamerican people. The Olmec began working jade around 1000 BC; later the Maya and Aztec lapidary artisans became masters in carving it...

Guanacaste-Nicoya Culture Timeline
This timeline describes the development of the pre-columbian Guanacaste and Nicoya region of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Mesoamerican Timeline
The Mesoamerican Timeline is your guide to the various comings and goings of civilizations in Mesoamerica's ancient history.

Mesoamerican Ball Game
The Mesoamerican ball game was played in most of the cultures of central America.

A Ramble Around Teotihuacan
Archaeologist Richard A. Diehl takes us on a guided tour to the ancient Mesoamerican archaeological site of Teotihuacan

Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
A wealth of information on the rich Latin American culture of the Native American communities in the Caribbean Islands, including history and current and past archaeological excavations.

Chronological Table of Mesoamerican Archaeology
From David K. Jordan, University of California, San Diego, and based in part on the work of Michael Coe.

Complex Society in the Greater Antilles
A paper by Samuel Wilson on the emergence of complex society in the greater Caribbean area ties cultures such as Salanoid and Ostionoid to the Taina peoples of Christopher Columbus' travels.

John Pohl's Mesoamerica
Another great page from FAMSI, this one an introduction to the archaeology, geography, history, and writing of central America.

Journal of Caribbean Archaeology
Free online open access to articles on Caribbean archaeology; what more can one ask of the Internet?

An "exploration of Mesoamerican cultures" consists of a series of lectures on various topics in a slide show format.

Guide to Ancient Mesoamerica
Refer to this Mesoamerican guide to learn more about Mesoamerican cultures and people. Learn more about the origin and the use of the term Mesoamerica

Mexico and Central America for Visitors
Raymond Resendes, About's guide for Central American for Visitors, has much cultural information on Mesoamerica sorted by country.

News and studies in Mesoamerican archaeology; this bi-monthly periodical has been publishing timely information for archaeologists for over 20 years. Site has Tables of Contents to 1993, and abstracts for the current volume.

On Chickens and Maize
A partial archive of the discussions on diffusion that make the UseNet group sci.archaeology.mesoamerica such an interesting list, from Domingo Martínez Castilla at the University of Missouri.

Prehistory of the Caribbean Islands
From the US National Park Service, an outline and discussion of archaeology of the Caribbean Sea.

A newsgroup dedicated to Latin American archaeology, but if you already read sci.archaeology, you can give it a pass: most of what goes on there is copied to both places.

Sourcing Mesoamerican Jade
An article by geologist George Harlow, on the Latin American source of jade.

Sport of Life and Death
The Mesoamerican Ball Game; an attractive, interactive site on all aspects of the Mesoamerican ball game, funded by the NEH and the Mint Museum of Art.

Shamans of Greater Nicoya (Central America)
Shamans of Greater Nicoya, Costa Rica. Evidence of Shamanism in Pre-Hispanic Central America

My Choice for Top Mexican Sites to Visit
Users respond with their choices for top ten sites to visit in Mexico

Map of the Silk Road - Interactive Map of the Silk Road
Map of the Silk Road

Map of the Silk Road - Interactive Map of the Silk Road
Map of the Silk Road

Map of the Silk Road - Interactive Map of the Silk Road
Map of the Silk Road

Maya Riviera
Maya Riviera

Precolumbian Panama (Central America)
Ancient Panama, Prehistory of Panama, Precolumbian Panama

Map of Maya Riviera
The Maya Riviera contains some of the loveliest beaches--and s…

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