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Museo del Sitio Entrance

A Ramble Around Teotihuacán with Dick Diehl


Entrance to the Museo del Sitio

Entrance to the Museo del Sitio

Photograph by George and Audrey de Lange

The artistic production of ancient Teotihuacános was so rich and varied that Mexican authorities decided to house it in two on-site museums, this general museum and a more specialized one devoted to the city’s unique painted mural tradition. Together with the Teotihuacán hall at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, they provide an unprecedented overview of the ancient city and its role in Mexican history. The Museo Manuel Gamio, named after the pioneering excavator of the Ciudadela and the Founder of Mexican Anthropology, contains all the kinds of objects and information that one expects: synopses of the history and cultures of the city, fine examples of its many crafts, explanations of Teotihuacán religion and politics, etc.

Written by Richard A. Diehl

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