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The Pyramid of Cholula


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Mural of the Drinkers
Mural of the Drinkers at Cholula

The Mural of the Drinkers (Mural de los Bebedores in Spanish) is believed to portray a group of people drinking pulque.


Ignacio Marquina's tunnels helped identify five main construction phases at the Cholula Pyramid, as well as that of annexed minor buildings. The construction techniques consisted of walls of adobe (mud bricks) covered with thick layer of stucco or, in the latest phases, with stones.

Excavations carried out in the 1960s by the "Proyecto Cholula" exposed a series of platforms attached to the main pyramid. The sloping walls, or talud, of one of these structures were decorated with yellow, black, white, and red diagonal lines. These colors were also identified in the background of the famous Mural de los Chapulines (Mural of the Grasshoppers), which cover the walls of the second construction phase of the main pyramid. Under the "Proyecto Cholula" the famous Mural de los Bebedores (Mural of the Drinkers) was exposed, which portrayed a feast with people drinking pulque.

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