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Mesolithic and Archaic

The Mesolithic period is traditionally that time period in the Old World between the last glaciation (ca. 10,000 years BP) and the beginning of the Neolithic (ca. 3000 years BP).

Guide to the Mesolithic
The Mesolithic period falls between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, when hunter-gatherers learned how to adapt to extreme changes in climate.

Mesolithic Sites in Europe
Details on some of the most important Mesolithic period sites in Europe, including Star Carr, Lepenski Vir, Tybrind Vig and many others.

Archaic Period Sites
North America's Archaic Period is roughly equivalent to the Mesolithic of the Old World, when hunter-gatherers learned to exploit a wide range of animals and plants, and began the first steps to their domestication. This list of sites is part of the About.com Guide to the Archaic Period .

Hard Times in the Llano Estacado
Archaic wells dug during the mid-Holocene period on the high southern plains speak to the resilience of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and the elastic human response to adverse conditions.

Brook Run (USA) Early Archaic Quarry Site in Virginia
Brook Run is an Early Archaic-period jasper quarry located in the piedmont region of northern Virginia.

Keatley Creek (British Columbia, Canada)
Keatley Creek is a hunter-gatherer village site in British Columbia.

Kennewick Man
A series on the Archaic-period human skeletal remains called Kennewick Man, from your About guide.

Hidden Falls Site, Alaska
Hidden Falls is an Archaic period site in southern Alaska, with early evidence of the use of marine mammals.

Jaguar Cave (Tennesee)
Jaguar Cave is a karst cave located in north central Tennessee, where about 300 human footprints were found, possibly dated to 4500 years ago.

Kennewick Man: Or How I Learned to Hate 60 Minutes
Resources on the Kennewick Man debate, including columns, websites, and bibliographies, from your About.com guide.

Lepenski Vir: Change and Resistance
Lepenski Vir is a series of Mesolithic villages located on a high sandy terrace of the Danube River, on the Serbian bank of the Iron Gates Gorge. The site of Lepenski Vir provides us with a glimpse into Mesolithic culture and society, into ritual patterns and gender relationships, into the transformation of foraging societies into agricultural...

Namu is a Paleoarctic site located on the Pacific coast of British Columbia.

Place of Rings: the Ancient Mounds of Poverty Point
Jon L. Gibson's recent book on the archaic period earthwork called Poverty Point reads a bit like a memoir--not a memoir for Gibson, who has studied Poverty Point for nearly fifty years, but for the site itself.

The Koster Site
An excavation 34 feet below the modern day surface of an Illinois farmstead provides a glimpse into America's past.

Vegas (Ecuador)
The Vegas site is located on the coast of Ecuador and is a semi-sedentary habitation site where fisher-hunter-gatherers lived between about 8000 and 6000 years ago.

Windover Bog Site
A watery cemetery site in Florida is teaching us new things about the textile technology of Middle Archaic people.

Woodhenge (UK)
Woodhenge is an archaeological site discovered in Avebury, England, within a few kilometers of Stonehenge.

Northwest Coast Timeline
Detailed timeline of the Native American history of the Northwest Coast.

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