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Moche Civilization

Archaeological sites and studies about the art and culture of the ancient Moche culture of South America.
  1. Moche Archaeological Sites (10)

Moche Culture: Timeline and Description
This guide to the Moche includes a timeline, invormation about economy, politics and architecture, and links to the important archaeological sites.

The Warrior Narrative of the Moche
The Warrior Narrative is a term used by archaeologists to refer to a sequence of ritual events that is hypothesized to have taken place in Moche society, and has been illustrated in Moche iconography drawn on ceramic vessels from many sites and sculptured on walls at sites such as Pañamarca, Huaca de la Luna and El Brujo.

Books about the Moche Civilization
A collection of the best recent books about the Moche Civilization

New Elite Burial
New Elite Burial at the Moche Capital of Sipán, Peru

Moche Portraits: A Book Review
Christopher Donnan's new book, Moche Portraits from Ancient Peru, gives a great introduction and insight into this most personal of prehistoric ceramic art.

Return of the Lost Artifact
A stolen piece of Moche art was returned to its rightful owners in Peru, with a healthy assistance from the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

Moche Archaeological Sites
Archaeological sites belonging to the Moche civilization are located in a narrow strip on Peru's coast; many are open to the public.

Huaca del Moche
From undergraduate student Nicholas Corduan, an introduction to the Moche, including an essay on the Moche religion, a catalog of archaeological sites, and a bibliography.

Las Huacas del Sol y de la Luna
A great website on the Moche, including site descriptions, political organization, and architecture. Spanish and English, plenty of illustrations.

Moche Burials Uncovered
From National Geographic, a website concentrating on Moche burials recovered from the site of Dos Cabezas in the lower Jequetepeque Valley. Photographs of the site, artifacts, and burials.

The Moche Web Site
From the University of Pennsylvania, the story of the copper/gold backflap recently returned to Peru.

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