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The Dawn of Angkor

Excavations at the Neolithic through Iron Age Cemetery of Ban Non Wat


Ban Non Wat is a cemetery site located in Thailand, that has been the focus of five years of research by Charles Higham of the University of Otago, New Zealand. Burials dated to the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages have been recovered at Ban Non Wat, with clear evidence of the growing power of an elite class that Higham believes represents the earliest foundations of what was to become the Angkor Civilization. These photographs were provided by Dr. Higham, to illustrate the richness of the burials.

More information about Ban Non Wat can be found in the article by Dr. Higham, called The Dawn of Angkor: Ban Non Wat
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The 2006 excavation at Ban Non Wat covered an area of 12 by 11 metres and uncovered 160 burialsExcavations Identified Densely Placed IntermentsBan Non Wat, Thailand: Bronze Age burials at Ban Non Wat being uncovered after 3,000 yearsCemetery Investigations at Ban Non WatTwo mysterious early crouched burials from Ban Non Wat, very rare in Southeast Asia at this time.Two Crouched Type Burials at Ban Non Wat. Ban Non Wat, Thailand: An elite Bronze Age burial in clay coffinPottery Vessels and Rich Grave Goods
Ban Non Wat, Thailand: Bronze Age leaders wore many marine shell and marble banglesShell Bangles Mark an Elite Burial at Ban Non WatA double burial from the Bronze Age of Ban Non Wat, containing two very rich womenElite Bronze Age Burials at Ban Non WatThis Bronze Age aristocrat is wearing a garment or shroud sequined with shell beadsAn Elite Bronze Age Burial at Ban Non WatA row of aristocratic Bronze Age burials at Ban Non Wat.Elite Burials at Ban Non Wat, Thailand
Shell beads on this crouched burials from Ban Non Wat are unique in ThailandA Bronze Age Burial at Ban Non WatBan Non Wat, Thailand: Neolithic burial, a man seated and crouched within a huge mortuary vessel. Neolithic Burial at Ban Non Wat
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