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Los Millares (Spain)

Chalcolithic Fortified Settlement of Los Millares


Recreation of Los Millares Site

Recreation of Los Millares Site

Jose Mª Yuste

Los Millares is an archaeological site near Santa Fe de Mondújar in the Almeria province of Andalusia Spain, dated to the Chalcolithic period (ca. 3200-2300 BC).

The site includes a settlement and a cemetery with over 80 megalithic tombs. Three walls and an inner citadel with an elaborate fortified entrance make up part of extensive fortifications at Los Millares. Thirteen nearly circular enclosures were forts protecting it. Within the three walls are 80 passage graves.

Los Millares was constructed in three phases, each phase increasing the level of fortification. The fortification is not unique to the Mediterranean area of the 3rd millinnum; other sites with bastions and defensive towers include the sites of Jericho, Ai, and Aral (in Palestine) and Lebous, Boussargues and Campe of Laures( in France).

Los Millares was excavated from 1978-1995 by Antonio Arribas and Fernando Molina at the University of Granada, and analysis continues on the massive amounts of information collected.


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