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Middle Eastern Culture History and Archaeology

Cultural history and archaeological investigations into the ancient worlds of the Middle East.
  1. Armenia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bahrain (5)
  4. Egypt
  5. Georgia
  6. Iran
  7. Iraq
  8. Israel
  9. Jordan
  10. Kuwait
  11. Lebanon
  12. Libya
  13. Oman
  14. Syria (13)
  15. Turkey

Jebel Thanais I (Sharjah UAE)
Jebel Thanais I is a small Late Neolithic site in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and consisting of a series of fireplaces occupied by herders in the mid-fifth millennium BC.

Dibba al-Hisn (Sharjah, UAE)
The tomb of Dibba al-Hisn was discovered in a private courtyard in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and has been dated to the pre-Islamic period.

United Arab Emirates
Archaeological sites, cultural history and other resources related to the past of the United Arab Emirates

Archaeological sites, cultural history and other information about the modern country of Yemen.

Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey
Conducts archaeological and paleontological studies in Abu Dhabi, and has a public outreach component including an extensive archaeology of Abu Dhabi page.

Adumatu is a semi-annual journal of the Arab world, with articles in both Arabic and English.

American Schools of Oirental Research
ASOR is a research institution which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2000. In addition to operating as a clearing house for archaeological information about the Near East, ASOR conducts independent overseas institutes in Cyprus, Israel, and Jordan.

Ancient Near East
A new webpage that promises to be portal for conferences, news, and excavations on the Near East.

An electronic discussion list on Ancient Near Eastern Studies, from the Indus to the Nile, and from the beginnings of human habitation to the rise of Islam. Based at the Oriental Institute in Chicago.

Biblical Archaeology Review
A journal published by the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Canaan (also called Phoenicia) is the name of a Bronze Age culture and country in what is now Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and the southern portions of Syria and Lebanon.

Encyclopedia of the Orient
A comprehensive, politically neutral encyclopedia on North Africa and the mideast, edited by Norwegian Tore Kjeilin, at the Centre d'Information Arabe Scandinave.

Mnemotrix ArchaeoSearch
A plain, but hardly boring, search engine for helping navigate the world wide web for topics on the Ancient Near East and Classical Studies; from the Institute of Archaeology at Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Natufian Culture
The Natufian culture was a group of sedentary people living in the Levant region of the middle east between about 9000-8500 BC.

Near Eastern Archaeology
The journal of biblical archaeology (the renamed Biblical Archaeologist) from the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Parthian Empire
Parthia was an early Persian empire, centered in northeastern Iran between 247 BC and AD 228.

Qaryat al-Fau
The ancient caravan site of Qaryat al-Fau is located at an oasis in central Saudia Arabia.

Qatar Visitor
A good overview of the archaeology of Qatar by Francis Gillespie.

Sharjah Archaeological Museum
Information about archaeological sites and culture of the emirate of Sharjah, in English and Arabic.

The Advent of Islam
From Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, a new website out of the Museum of Sharjah.

Wadi Raba Culture
The Wadi Raba culture is the name given to the neolithic culture of the Levant, dated to the 5th millennium BC.

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