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Definition: Neanderthals were a type of early hominin that lived on the planet earth between about 100,000 to 30,000 years ago. In some places, Neanderthals co-existed with humans, and the two species may have interbred. Recent DNA studies at the site of Feldhofer Cave suggest that Neanderthals and Humans had a common ancestor about 550,000 years ago. There have been several hundred examples of Neanderthals recovered from sites all over Europe and western Asia. Considerable debate over the humanity of Neanderthals--whether they purposefully interred people, whether they had complex thought, whether they spoke a language, whether they made sophisticated tools--continues.

For more detailed information, see the Neanderthal Study Guide, which includes important sites, facts, study questions, and a bibliography.

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Alternate Spellings: Neandertal (more common in scientific articles)
Kebara Cave (Israel), St. Césaire (France), La Chapelle aux Saintes (France), Shanidar Cave (Israel), Ortvale Klde (Georgia)
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