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Distance Learning Opportunities

One way to learn about archaeology as a possible career choice or merely for the fun of it, is through an online course. Each year there are more distance learning courses available on line; here is a sample.

An Archaeology PhD by Email
One of the hottest new uses of the Internet these days, and one many people are taking advantage of, is online or distance learning. Distance learning allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to learn new things from their home or work place, whether to take a single course or to get a degree in the subject of their choice.

Antiquity of Man
Michael Brass (MA University College London) teaches several unaccredited courses a year on World Archaeology, Archaeology of Africa and Egyptology, which are taught in modules within a specific time frame.

College on the Net: UK
As of this writing, the site includes several archaeology, Egyptology, and ancient history courses for the beginning and A-level student. Some are credited, but most are currently not for university credit.

Distance Learning Courses at Birmingham
University of Birmingham offers DL courses (P/G Dip, MA) in Heritage Management, Landscape Archaeology and Geomatics, and Practical Archaeology.

Distance Learning: Choosing a School
Some sage advice from About's Distance Learning guide Jamie Littlefield about what to look for when choosing an online course.

Fantastic Archaeology
Accredited undergraduate course on the mysteries of the human past, including the Lost Continent of Atlantis, Ancient Astronauts, Piltdown Man, Psychic Archaeology, Noah’s Ark, the ‘Myth’ of the Moundbuilders, and the Shroud of Turin. From Robert Tykot at the University of South Florida.

GlyphDoctors: Study Hieroglyphics Online
From Nicole Hansen, a complete study-at-your-own-pace introduction to Middle Egyptian grammar, via a Wiki, soundclips, help forums.

Introduction to Archaeology Methods
Online accredited undergraduate course introduction to archaeological methods with a survey of world prehistory, taught by Robert Tykot at the University of South Florida.

Kevin Greene's an Introduction to Archaeology
Kevin Green's online supplement to his book is venerable--first assembled in 1998 and still a good introduction to the field. Not a course per se.

Online Education in Archaeology: An Update
Recent trends in online education in archaeology indicate a move away from traditional archaeology content and towards heritage management.

Online Field School: Interview with Mark Garrison
A 1999 interview with Mark Garrison about using online technology as part of a field school course. The interview is a bit of an artifact, but interesting in that Garrison's work was an early use of the Internet for pedagogy.

University of Edinburgh Online Tutorials
The University of Edinburgh has a number of online resources for registered students; I believe most of these accredited courses but require some in-class participation.

University of Exeter: Archaeology
At the moment, accredited online courses are available at Exeter in Archaeology and Egyptology are open to existing students only, and they will be withdrawn completely after 2007/8. However, these non-credit-bearing courses are still available and will be for the future.

University of Exeter: Egyptology
The Introduction to Egyptology at Exeter online course is not accredited. It is a background course for those new to studying Egyptology, but who want to pursue the subject.

University of Leicester
Postgraduate Certificates; MA degrees available in Archaeology and Heritage: Analysis, Interpretation and Management; and a PhD beginning in Spring 2001.

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