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Online Databases for Archaeology

A collection of databases on the "invisible web", containing information about archaeology that is not readily available through traditional search engines.

Perseus Project: Art and Archaeology
A key to the powerful Perseus project database, including images of and data on archaeological sites, artifacts, and architecture.

CSA/ADAP:Archaeological Database Discussions
From Harrison Eiteljorg II from the Center for the Study of Architecture, a discussion of databases for record keeping and analytical work.

Archaeology Data Service
The ADS is a leader in the development and use of digital resources for the archaeologist, including providing room for archaeological databases and developing a system of good practices for the digital storage of data.

Open Archaeology
Sebastian Heath's experiment in XML databases called Open Archaeology contains a wealth of bibliographic information on late Roman pottery in the Mediterranean region.

Invisible Web.Net
The source of all good (but hidden) things on the web, the Invisible-Web.Net is a companion piece to the book, The Invisible Web: Finding Hidden Internet Resources Search Engines Can't See by Chris Sherman and Gary Price.

Anthropology Review Database
From Hugh Jarvis and colleagues at the University at Buffalo: Department of Anthropology, a searchable database of book and other media reviews in anthropology.

Historical Atlas of Canada
GIS-based map of historical data from various regions in Canada. In progress; but a substantial start has already been made.

Australian National Shipwreck Database
Data on all known (about 6500) shipwrecks, with search capabilities based for those historic shipwrecks protected by Commonwealth or State/Territory legislation.

California Shipwreck Database
Searchable database and other data on shipwrecks off the coast of California.

American Memory
From the Library of Congress, a searchable database of recordings and documents from American historical figures such as Ansel Adams and the Wright Brothers; and American historical topics such as slavery and suffrage.

US Census Bureau Historical Data
Search for grouped data on the population and economy of the United States between 1790 and 1960.

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