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Digging without the Dirt: Online Excavations

In this day and age, on line excavations allow the Internet surfer to find out exactly how a field trip goes, using daily diaries and digital photographs and maps. Here you'll find a selection of the latest excursions on line.

Elden Pueblo
A new interactive dig is scheduled for summer of 2004, this one conducted by Peter Pilles at Elden Pueblo a Northern Sinagua tradition (A.D. 1150-1250) occupation in northern Arizona. From Archaeology magazine, of course!

Hierakonpolis (Archaeology Magazine, 2002-2005)
Renée Friedman continues her excavations at the pre- and proto-dynastic town of Hierakonpolis in Egypt, presented online at Archaeology magazine. Past excavations beginning in 2002 are archived, and the current excavations began January 2005.

Diving with the Dead: Interactive Underwater Yucatan
One of the online excavations conducted through Archaeology magazine, Diving with the Dead takes us to the cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula with managing editor Kristin Romey and archaeologist Guillermo "Memo" de Anda.

On Line Excavations: Digging without the Dirt
An introduction to the world of archaeological excavations via the Internet, from your About guide.

Distilling the Past
Also from Archaeology magazine, accompany excavators at George Washington's home, Mount Vernon, as they investigate Washington's eighteenth-century whiskey distillery.

Johnson's Island (Archaeology Magazine 2002)
David Bush takes us on an excavation at at Civil War prison in Ohio. From Archaeology magazine, April 1 to August 29, 2002.

Nubians at Hierakonpolis
The latest interactive dig from Archaeology magazine involves investigations at the largest site from the Pre- and Protodynastic period (3800-3100 B.C.), and the most important site for understanding the foundations of Egyptian civilization

Past Online Digs at Archaeology Magazine
Archaeology magazine has been an early pioneer of the online dig; here is a compilation of their projects.

Sagalassos, Turkey
Archaeology magazine takes on another in a long line of on-line digs, this time to the classical city of Sagalassos site in Turkey.

Tiwanaku (Archaeology Magazine, 2002)
Excavations at this ancient Inka site in Bolivia were run by Alexei Vranich in 2002.

Waka', Guatemala (Archaeology Magazine)
David Freidel takes us to the Peten peninsula in Guatemala, where he's excavating a Maya site called Waka'. Begun 1st week in April, 2003.

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