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Personal Blogs about Archaeology

Blogs are often personal diaries; and many archaeologists and students in archaeology are beginning to write of their experiences on the web. The personal blog about archaeology is an excellent resource for people who are interested in getting into the field, or just finding out a little more information about how archaeology works.

Abnormal Interests (Duane Smith)
Duane Smith, a "retired, well, semi-retired, product marketing manager who spent most of his career working in the semiconductor industry" and writes a pretty darn funny archaeology weblog.

Billing himself as the 'world's formost precambrian archaeologist", Afarensis runs an entertaining blog on archaeology, evolution, and black and white movies. Even if he can't spell.

blivet2 (Hal Rager)
Archaeologist Hal Rager's blog contains personal news items and commentary; in a new location and with a new format.

New Archaeology
A personal and professional log from NewArchaeologist, an anonymous person but clearly a professional archaeologist in the UK. Several interesting articles as well.

Nomadic Thoughts
Anthro graduate student Will discusses all things anthropological in this personal blog from Florida.

Past Thinking (Tom Goskar)
Tom Goskar is with Wessex Archaeology, and his blog covers some archaeology news as well as a raft of technology commentaries.

Rites of Passage
Athena is a 25 year old grad student at the venerable University of Cambridge, reading for a degree in archaeology; she regularly blogs on personal and archaeological musings.

Salto Sobrius (Martin Rundkvist)
Swedish archaeologist Martin Rundkvist writes in English on Sweden, archaeology, museums, music, books, and scepticism.

Sightlines (Jane Tomlinson)
Artist and philosopher Jane Tomlinson often muses on the art of archaeology and cultural heritage.

Slow West
An experiential weblog from an anonymous graduate student in archaeology in Arizona.

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