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Polish Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Poland.

Archaeological Research at Oslonki, Poland
Excavations by a team of Polish and American archaeologists have revealed a large village occupied just before 4000 B.C. with longhouses and graves.

Biskupin is an important Iron Age archaeological site, and an important tourist destination for visitors to Poland.

Excavations at Oslonski
A summary of six seasons of field work at this early farming site in Poland, by Peter Bogucki.

General Carleton of Whitby
Underwater archaeology on this ship, sunk off the coast of Poland in 1785; synopsis from Nordic Underwater Archaeology.

Instytut Prahistorii UAM - Poznan
Poznan, Poland, 5-year MA program, current emphasis includes environmental conditions of the oldest settlement systems in Central Europe, early Bronze Age, Roman provinces, architectural studies of post-Cysters monuments, method and theory, cultural links between Mediterranean and Central Europe. Polish and English.

Opatów, Poland (Site 1)
Opatów is the name of a village located in the Klobuck District of the Silesian Province in Southern Poland, and Site 1 is the designation of a enormous cemetery used during the Bronze Age through Hallstatt C/D periods

The archaeological site of Przeczyce is located in the lower Silesia region of Poland, and dates to the Bronze Age.

Sobiejuchy is a small urnfield cemetery and lakeside village site in central Poland, occupied between about 750-500 BC

Wilczyce (Poland)
Wilczyce is an Upper Paleolithic site in Poland, with evidence of chipped stone Venus figurines.

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