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Pan Grave Culture


Definition: The Pan Grave culture refers to a Nubian culture at the end of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, one of the characteristics of which is shallow, round graves reminiscent of frying pans. The Pan Grave culture is one of three cultures of Bronze Age Nubia, the others called by archaeologists C-Culture and Kerma. Pan graves are found throughout Nubia and lower Egypt between about 2000 BC and 1600 BC.

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Also Known As: Medjay (possibly; so identified in Egyptian texts of the 11th Dynasty)
Deir Rifeh, Mostagedda, Qau, Balabish, Hu, Tôd, Daraw, in Egypt; Shellal, Dakka, Wadi Allâqi, Sayâla, Aniba, Toshka in Nubia

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