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Archaeological Quotations

Archaeological quotes of the week, from scientists and researchers in the field and associated scientists and thinkers from around the world, commenting on the past and how we can use it to understand the present and imagine the future. Use the Quick Index to find the quote of your favorite archaeologist, or scroll through this random sampling of the 200+ quotations.
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Archaeology Quotations: The Other Index
A collection of over 200 pithy quotes from archaeologists and other witty types about the science of archaeology or the mysteries of history and the past and how truly strange, spotty, or wonderful a study it is. Listed alphabetically by author.

Archaeology Quote of the Day
Longing for a soothing daily word from an archaeologist, ancient or otherwise? That's easy. Sign up for the Archaeology Quote of the Day newsletter, and every morning a new quote will be dropped into your mailbox. This includes just the first fifty quotes from the Archaeology Quote archive.

A Second Course of Archaeology Quotes
Tasted the Archaeology Quote of the Day and find you need another course? This collection consists of the next fifty witticisms and bits of wisdom from archaeologists and related scientists, served to your mailbox daily.

Gusti Kollman on Historic Ironies
Gusti Kollman, refugee from Hitler's reich, comments on the historical ironies of her life.

A Maya Elder on the Importance of Knowing Your Past
The importance of the past is not lost on people who are not necessarily deeply ensconced in the modern age.

Tsianina Blackstone on What Good Friends Archaeologists Make
A quote from Cherokee-Creek mezzo-soprano opera singer Tsianina Blackstone just what an insensitive clod an archaeologist can be, if he's a good friend of yours.

Abba Eben on What History Teaches Us
Former Israeli Ambassador Abba Eben may or may not have said this witty thing about wise men.

Henry Ford on Why History is Bunk
Henry Ford said 'History is bunk' in all kinds of ways; here's one he said in the Chicago Tribune that's a little different than the usual.

Gandhi on Resisting the Winds of Culture
Mohandas Gandhi waged a battle for independence of the countries of India and Pakistan, independence against Western culture as much as Western government.

Patrick Henry on the Lamp Guiding His Feet
American patriot and rabble rouser Patrick Henry did think history was on his side.

Heinrich Himmler on Doing Archaeology Right
Heinrich Himmler was a big fan of archaeology, especially of what archaeology could be made to do to support Hitler's Final Solution.

Walt Kelly on the View Looking Back
Walt Kelly, the writer who developed and maintained the Pogo comic strip, was a philosopher in his own right.

Rene Magritte on the Odors of the Present
Artist Rene Magritte mentions his displeasure with the present, in this quote from a 1970 biography by Suzi Gablik.

Malcolm X on Fulfilling the Dream
Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) was one of America's liberators.

William Penn on Ancient Studies
This quote has been attributed to the Quaker minister and American founder William Penn.

Clara Dice Roe on the Difficulty with Oral History
Two quotes from the Bremer County (Iowa) Historical Society records prove that there are often at least two sides to every historical question.

Mao Zedong on the Lack of Heroes in the Past
Mao Zedong bemoans a lack of heroes in China's past

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