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Scenes from Paradise: Jewish Roman Mosaics from Tunisia


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Roman Mosaic: The Personification of Roma
Mosaic of Personification of Roma in a Medallion

Mosaic of Personification of Roma in a Medallion, 1st century-2nd century AD, Tunis, Tunisia.

Brooklyn Museum
Image 05.29. Mosaic of Personification of Roma in a Medallion. 1st century-2nd century AD. Roman mosaic by an unknown Roman artist, from Tunis, Tunisia. 21 1/4 x 21 1/4in. (53.9 x 53.9cm). Museum Collection Fund, Brooklyn Museum.

This photo essay is from the 2006 exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, which included a collection of Roman mosaics recovered from the 3rd century AD Jewish synagogue at Naro, Tunisia. The mosaics, showing natural, religious and personal images, exemplify a little-known way of life, that of wealthy Jewish citizens of the late Roman empire in Africa.

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