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Scandinavian Culture History and Archaeology

Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of Scandinavia.
  1. Denmark
  2. Finland (3)
  3. Iceland (3)
  4. Norway (3)
  5. Sweden (6)
  6. Viking Archaeology

Ahrensburg Culture
The Ahrensburg culture is the name archaeologists have given to the early prehistoric (transitional Late Paleolithic to Mesolithic) culture of Scandinavia, 12,500-9000 BC.

Alpine Lake Dwellings
Alpine Lake Dwellings are a type of archaeological site found at the edge of lakes in the Alps or other mountainous regions

Bromme Culture
The Bromme culture is the name given to an early prehistoric reindeer-hunting culture of Scandinavia

Ertebolle-Ellerbeck culture
The Ertebolle-Ellerbeck culture is the name given to the Late Mesolithic/Early Neolithic communities of northern Europe.

Federmesser Culture
The Federmesser Culture is the name of a Scandinavian Late Mesolithic group (circa 12,500-9000 BC)

The Norse were Viking warriors who were great adventurers, traveling westward from the Viking homeland to Iceland, Greenland, and yes, even Canada.

Pitted Ware Culture: Hunter Gatherers of Scandinavia
The Pitted Ware Culture is the name given to a Neolithic period people living in Scandinavia in the 3rd millennia BC.

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