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Science Writers

Looking for a good science writer to help with your archaeology or anthropology project? Here's a list of writers who have published works in those fields.

Anthony F. Aveni
Astronomer Anthony Aveni has written several very popular books on archaeoastronomy.

Paul Bahn
Professional and freelance archaeologist Paul Bahn has written several very approachable archaeology books intended for the public.

Michael Balter
Michael Balter has written several articles on archaeology for Smithsonian and Science magazines, and is the 'official biographer' for the site of Catalhoyuk.

Michael Bawaya
Michael Bawaya is the editor of American Archaeology magazine, a national magazine about North American archaeology written for a general audience. He's written a number of pieces for American Archaeology, as well as archaeology articles for Science and Nature.

Brian Fagan
One of the most eclectic and widely read science writers in archaeology, Brian Fagan is also a working archaeologist and Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ann Gibbons
Ann Gibbons has written for Science magazine among others, and the book The First Human, a history of the search for the origins of humans in Africa.

Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy is an archaeologist based in Hawai'i who has written general public books and articles in Natural History, Discovering Archaeology, and Archaeology magazine.

Adrienne Mayor
Adrienne Mayor is an independent scholar who has written a couple of books on myths and ancient history, which intersect with archaeology on occasion.

Jennifer Pinkowski
Jen Pinkowski is a science writer and photographer, whose archaeology articles have appeared in the New York Times, and Archaeology and Discover magazines.

Heather Pringle
Heather Pringle's articles have appeared in Science, New Scientist, Discover and Archaeology magazines, and she has written several very interesting books as well.

John Romer
John Romer specializes in books on Egyptology, and has several important public archaeology texts.

Mark Schrope
Mark Schrope writes on many aspects of marine science, including marine archaeology topics for New Scientist, Outside, and Discovery.com.

Nicholas Wade
Nicholas Wade is a long time biology and genetics science writer for the New York Times who has written articles on DNA and archaeology.

John Noble Wilford
Wilford is a science writer and the primary archaeology reporter for the New York Times, and has a long-established career in writing about archaeology and anthropology. He retired as senior science correspondent but still turns in an occasional article.

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