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South American Culture History and Archaeology

South American culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of South America.
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  2. Argentina (16)
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  4. Brazil (12)
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  6. Civilization and Culture (21)
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Textiles from Guitarrero Cave
The oldest examples of textiles in South America were three fragments made of agave recovered from the site of Guitarrero Cave, Peru.

Wari Empire Bibliography
This bibliography of the Wari Empire is part of the About.com guide to the Wari Empire.

A Lesson in Applied Archaeology, Part 1
The origins of South American culture probably start with Tiwanaku agriculture in the Lake Titicaca region of Bolivia. Part I of an interview with Clark Erickson, on his work reconstructing raised field agriculture in the Lake Titicaca region of South America.

A Lesson in Applied Archaeology, Part II
Part II of the interview with Clark Erickson on the origins of South American culture: Recreating raised field agriculture.

A Lesson in Applied Archaeology, Part III
Part III of the interview with Clark Erickson on the origins of South American culture and agriculture: Implications of the research.

Ancient Raised Field Agriculture
An experimental archaeology project in Bolivia, using ancient farming techniques, has raised more than just corn, beans, and squash.

Andean and Tiwanaku Archaeology
The South American cultures of the Andean and Tiwanaku regions are presented in this fabulous page from Alvaro Higueras on his work and other information on the Andes and Tiwanaku. Newest addition to the page includes several Flash introductions to sites like Chan Chan and topics like Tiwanaku polity.

Andean Diaspora: A Book Review
Paul Goldstein's 2005 book called Andean Diaspora, subtitled The Tiwanaku Colonies and the Origins of Empire, is an intriguing look at the Tiwanaku empire of South America and its colonies several hundred kilometers away.

Arqueologia Digital
A Portuguese-language social-network portal to South American archaeology, with an emphasis on Brazil, from Diogo Costa.

Caral: The Earliest Civilization in the New World
A collection of sites in the Supe Valley of Peru are proving to be the ancestral source of the Inca and other later civilizations of South America and Central America. Caral and the other Supe Valley sites promise to teach us why people choose to become urban dwellers.

Ciudad Virtual de Antropología y Arqueología.
Southe American culture information, including complete articles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English; searchable database of research and researchers, weekly newsletter, upcoming conferences for all of South America.

Fishtail Points
Fishtail points are to South American culture what Clovis points are to North American: associated with the earliest occupations in South America that everybody agrees on.

Human Settlement of the Southern Andes
La Ecología de los Cazadores Recolectores de la Puna Durante la Transición Pleistoceno-Holoceno. Article in Naya, concerning the human settlement of the southern Andes. Spanish.

South American culture included an unusual writing system: the Quipu. This page from San Diego State University, a fantastic resource for Andean researchers, including links to online papers, researchers, language assistance, and other things on this fascinating subject.

South America for Visitors
South America for Visitors site offers travel planning, pictures, maps, sighsteeing, hotels, reservations, favored destinations, culture, weather, recipes, languages, and vacations to South American countries

Timeline of the Ancient Andes
Timeline of the Ancient Andes, Introduction to the Ancient Andes Chronology, Archaeological Timeframe of the Ancient Andes.

Ancient Andes Timeline (I) - Preceramic (Before 9500 - 1800 BC)
Ancient Andes timeline, chronology of ancient Peru.

Ancient Andes Timeline (II)
Ancient Andes Timeline (II). Learn more about the chronology of Ancient Pru from the Initial Period to the Late Horizon (1800 BC - AD 1534)

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