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Spain - Archaeological Sites

Information about important archaeological sites in Spain.

Abric Romaní (Catalonia)
Rock shelter with middle and upper Paleolithic occupations.

Altamira Cave
Altamira Cave is the Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art, or so it is called.

From CEIPAC at the University of Barcelona, a description of this Roman occupation near Seville; in Catalan and Spanish.

The Sierra de Atapuerca is an ancient karst topography region of Spain, where several caves are located with evidence of very old occupations.

The modern port city of Cadiz (originally called Gadir or Gardes) in the Andalucia region of Spain was a Phoenician colony of Tyre founded at least by the 9th century BC.

Can Llobateres
Can Llobateres is a Middle Miocene site in Spain, where fossilized remains of the extinct ape Dryopithecus fontani were recovered and have been to between 9-10 million years ago.

Gran Dolina
Gran Dolina is a cave site in the Sierra de Atapuerca region of Spain, where between five and six hominids were found dated to between 800,000 to 1 million years ago.

L'Arbreda Cave
L'Arbreda Cave is a rockshelter in in the Catalonian region of Spain, with evidence of continuous, uninterrupted occupation of Neanderthal, and then abruptly by modern humans, around 40,000 BP.

CEIPAC at the University of Barcelona, Iberian (pre-Roman) settlement in Catalonia, English, Spanish, Catalan.

The ruins of Numantia are located in the Upper Duero valley of northern Spain, about 7 kilometers from the modern town of Soria.

Orce Basin
The Orce Basin in the Andalucía of Spain is noted for holding the earliest Homo erectus occurring in Europe, about 1.6 million years ago.

Peña Oviedo
A cluster of Cantabrian sites, dating to the Mesolithic and Neolithic period, from the University of Califiornia at Berkeley.

Torralba and Ambrona
The paleontological sites of Torralba and Ambrona are located on the Ambrona River, two kilometers apart in the Soria region of Spain, 150 kilometers northeast of Madrid.

Sima de los Huesos (Spain)
The Sima de los Huesos is the name of an important Middle/Lower Paleolithic site, where over two dozen hominids have been recovered within the Sierra de Atapuerca in Spain.

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