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Walking Tour of Sannai Maruyama

A photo essay on what archaeology has discovered about the Jomon as seen at the Sannai Maruyama site

An Introduction to Seriation

Seriation is a method archaeologists use to create chronological maps of changes in artifacts over time, and to use those maps to illuminate relative dates of archaeological deposits and sites.

Roman Empire in the Netherlands

The Roman Empire had lasting effects on the Iron Age cultures of Europe, not the least of which is the low country of Netherlands.

Traveling the Silk Road - A Photo Essay

In November 2009, a new exhibit opened at the American Museum of Natural History, featuring artifacts and reconstructions of places and pieces of the ancient Silk Road. This photo essay compares old photographs to exhibits and provides a bit of background to Traveling the Silk Road.

Royal Tombs: Elaborate Burials of the Ancient World's Rich and Famous

The Royal Cemetery of Ur, excavated by the British scholar Leonard Woolley back in the 1930s, included sixteen tombs of Mesopotamian royal personages.

Raptor Processing in the Levantine Epipaleolithic

Evidence for the trapping, butchery and processing of raptors for symbolic use of their feathers and talons over 12,000 years ago has recently been discovered in a site in Jordan.

A Walking Tour of Olympia, Greece

Photographer Aschwin Prein provides a walking tour of the ancient Greek classical site of Olympia, the original location of the Olympic Games. Excavations at the site were the direct impetus for the reinstitution of the games, 1700 years after the games were banned.

Ancient Life in the Western Sahara Desert

Excavations at the site of Gobero in the Tenere Desert in West African Niger have provided scholars with a look into the climatic changes of the vast Sahara Desert.

National Geographic Expedition Week 2009

National Geographic Expedition Week 2009's Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers is disappointing; rather than focused on the people who actually did perform head-shrinking, it's focused on the explorer and his fascination with little shrunken heads.

A Photo Essay on the Malta Temples

The Malta Temples are ancient stone structures sited on two tiny islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the south coast of Sicily.

Upper Paleolithic Textiles from Dzudzuana Cave

Archaeological investigations at Dzudzuana Cave in the Republic of Georgia have recovered flax (Linum usitatissimum) fibers from four Upper Paleolithic occupations, the oldest some 32,000 years old.

Solstice at Stonehenge

A few amazing pictures professional photographers have taken of the Solstice celebrations at Stonehenge

Shell Beads and Behavioral Modernity

The transition to human behavioral modernity took many hundreds of thousands of years. One of the key pieces of evidence for the blossoming of human intelligence and creativity is shell beads. This photo essay examines the human transition, and the role that shell beads played in that transition.

A Dragon Kiln in Carolina

An innovative manufacturing technique in the early decades of the 19th century in the pre-Civil War south of the young United States was developed based on Chinese technology over 1200 years earlier.

House of the Faun at Pompeii

The House of the Faun is among the most visited of the domestic ruins at Pompeii, famous for its mosaics and its bronze statue of a dancing faun.

Human Migration

Nuclear DNA research on Africans provides us information about the origins and migration patterns of all of us, reported in a slide show.

Time Team America 2009

The very first program for Time Team America is on Fort Raleigh, the first English colony located in the Americas.

A Visit to Edzná

The site of Edzna reached its heyday during the Classic Period, and its unique five-platform structures make it well worth the visit.

Temples of Pachacamac

The ancient site of Pachacamac, Peru, contains five temples which span the 1000-year use of the urban settlement as a religious and ceremonial center.

The Ancient Art of Making Organic, Edible Flour

Flour is one of the oldest kinds of processed foods ever made: at least 30,000 years old and perhaps older still.

100,000 Year Old Paint Pots at Blombos Cave

Blombos Cave is an important key to understand the beginnings of early modern behaviors: the latest discoveries there of tool kits for making pigment are detailed in this photo essay.

Early Monumental Architecture in Maya Ceibal

Archaeological research at the Maya site of Ceibal have identified the remains of what appears to be the earliest E-Group in the Maya Lowlands.


Pipestone is the general term for several related forms of metamorphic rock, used for at least the past 2,000 years by Native American groups in North America for the construction of sacred and elite artifacts.

The Pyramid of Cholula

The Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid ever constructed in the Americas, and of the largest in the world. This photo essay describes the pyramid, its history and the archaeological investigations within and around it.

Maple Sugaring

Maple sugaring is obtaining sugar and syrup from maple trees, and its history has a bit of a controversy among archaeological circles.

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