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Sudan Archaeology

Archaeological resources and site descriptions of sites in the African country of Sudan.

Tombos (Sudan)
The archaeological site of Tombos is a New Kingdom period colony in Nubia (present-day Sudan).

A-Group Culture
The A-Group culture is an early farming (Neolithic into early Bronze Age) culture of Lower Nubia, 3900-2900 BC.

B-Group Culture
The B-Group culture refers to an Early Bronze Age Nubian culture (2900-2000 BC), which is preceded by the A-Group and followed by the C-Group (or Kushite).

C-Group Culture
The third segment of the terms used by archaeologists to define Nubian culture, the C-Group lasted from about 2000-1700 BC.

Civilizations in Africa: Kush
From Richard Hooker at the University of Washington, a brief history of the Kush kingdom.

Excursis IV: Nubia--the Land Upriver
From Peter Piccione at the Oriental Institute, a mostly text description of this ancient empire on the Nile River.

Gebel Barkal, Nubia, History
A virtual reality construction of the sacred mountain and temples of Thutmose III and Ramesses II, from the Learning Sites.

Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire (IFAO) conducts archaeological work in the Sudan, Turkey, Thailand, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

Kerma (Sudan)
Kerma is the name of a Kushite kingdom and cultural group in the Sudanese Nubia, which grew out of the A-Group culture (or pre-Kerma) during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom (ca 2000-1600 BC).

Kush: Black Africa's Civilization Before Egypt
From Culturekiosque, in French and English, a discussion of Nubian and Meroe civilizations.

Neolithic Skywatchers at Nabta
Megalithic astronomical structures from the Nubian desert, an article in Archaeology Online.

Project A2: Wadi Howar
Wadi Howar is the largest dry river system in the presently hyper-arid and uninhabitable Eastern Sahara; archaeological and environmental investigations by the Heinrich Barth Institute at the University of Koln. English.

Project A9 (Boni Island)
Archaeological work ahead of new dam construction in the Nile’s Fourth Cataract zone, northern Sudan, English language summary from the Heinrich-Barth Institut at the University of Koln.

The Mahas Survey Project
From the University of Khartoum, a survey of the Third Cataract of the Nile River, encompassing Nubian and Medieval occupations.

The Nubia Salvage Project
Decades of excavations along the Nile River in Sudan have been conducted by the Oriental Institute of Chicago; this page includes reports on much of the work.

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