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Career Change Advice: Sureyya Hits a Bump in the Road

Sureyya's Journey, Part 3


Statue of Phoenix at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Australia

Statue of Phoenix at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Australia

Sureyya Kose (c) 2006
Career changes are fraught with snags and holdups. I.T. sysop Sureyya Kose has decided to change careers from Information Technology to Archaeology. In this part of Sureyya's Journey, Sureyya describes some of the snags she found in her struggles to follow her dream.

Sureyya’s Journey

As millions of students rush off in excitement, and some in dread of starting the new year in their chosen forte, I stood behind wondering: Why? Why haven’t I been one of the ‘chosen’? (Insert Violin concerto here). After sitting in silence for awhile, in pure disbelief, I was mentally blank for some time. Disbelief gave way to a few tears. I was then very... and please excuse the term, ‘pissed off’

What in all of the heavens went wrong? How could they not let me into Archaeology? When I know most of the theory before the course has even begun? Especially when I love the subject matter and everything about it?

Enter Reason

Right about then reason kicked in and I realized in this dimension people can’t permeate their feelings and thoughts into other peoples minds. Rather annoying, yes? The teachers at university don’t know how much I wanted to get into the course. In fact, they know nothing about me or my aspirations.

So the main thought that ran through my mind was; so much time would be lost waiting another 6 months to try again, or a year! Another thought was; if it was at all possible, I might become an archaeologist without a degree. The only way to do that would be to do a lot of field work I imagine, and become a field technician on pure experience. Would that mean, I would not be recognized as a professional, but only a techie? Or that maybe, I wouldn’t be able to organize and lead my own excavations one day? The degree, or piece of paper, only let others know of my knowledge of the science, and not much else. But, that piece of paper is so important, and I still want it for the only reason of being recognized and recruited to be a PI (Principal Investigator) instead of just a field tech. The degree doesn’t really give me anything else but a higher up position when the time would come for such a thing. The knowledge, the experience and everything else are up to my dedication and not a course.

A New Course of Action

But still, my plans have to be scratched and I have to adapt to another course of action. I realized I was being extremely over dramatic, and decided to go over to my sister's and spend the weekend with her to clear my head. I guess everything seems disastrous when your dream doesn’t happen smoothly and bump free. I still don’t know why I was so upset, things like this do happen all the time, and if it was anything else I would have been rather annoyed but not this emotional. My sister lives way out in the country and the country is a good place to go if you want to stop and take stock of your life and consider and appreciate the simple things.

So I drove up there, and I had a talk with her. She’s a great self-taught historian and theology wiz, not to mention a great adviser in these kinds of situations. She noticed my dark mood, and questioned me about it. I told her all, how my great dream was thwarted by a mere university and how living had become a drag. In her calm way, she found that all I lacked to get into university was a TAFE certificate in arts, and when I applied again, with the certificate in hand, I was sure to get in. Elementary my dear Watson!

Funny how, the simplest solutions are so elusive when one is upset. The voice of my sister's reasoning had rung true, and so I searched online for an arts course.

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