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Changing Careers to Archaeology: Sometimes Life Intervenes

Sureyya's Journey, Part 4


It's Hard for Logic to Prevail Over Emotion

It's Hard for Logic to Prevail Over Emotion

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The difficulty in changing careers is not always simply a matter of the hitches in getting the background you need. I.T. sysop Sureyya Kose has decided to change careers from Information Technology to Archaeology. In this part of Sureyya's Journey, Sureyya discusses the family and day-to-day problems that can stall progress towards a career change.

Sureyya’s Journey


It's been awhile since my last post, and by no means was the gap between posts meant to stretch this long. As usual, some plans just don't go to plan. Going by my last few posts, we all knew what the long term plan was: Get out of I.T and get into Archaeology.

The short term plan consisted of obtaining an arts certificate to enter a university offering a program in the social sciences. As I was on my merry way to mapping out how I would juggle responsibilities to obtain this certificate, certain situations mysteriously popped up.

I had a hard time living at where I was staying and needed to move. I moved in with some friends near the city; this helped me save costs in fuel and the books I would need to buy etc.

A few weeks after the move my car broke down and I was forced to spend my savings on fixing it up. After I fixed it up, something else malfunctioned and the car was basically kaput. For awhile I had no car and had a hard time making it in to work on time because of transport volatility. My job was at stake and my boss had had enough of the transport excuse.

Archaeology was Last

On top of this I started having issues with certain flat mates. The mental space I was in was not of study, but of your run of the mill survival; that is, financial and emotional survival. Archaeology was the last thing on my mind.

I remember vaguely during this time I somehow made my way to the university and tried to apply for a certificate IV in professional writing. I ended up throwing out the application form, because my work hours clashed with the study hours. At that point I remember feeling pretty down about the whole mess I was in. The Archaeology decision was becoming way too hard to upkeep and I stopped thinking about it. I was too concerned with fixing up the present, and unfortunately had no time to marvel over the past.

A lot of other situations arose that would take too long to mention here. Mostly bad, but with good lessons attached to them, so that I could grow from the experience. The lessons and experience I gained enabled me to make some hard practical decisions.

When in Chaos...

When in chaos, I found that it is best to hold on to something you can control: your temperament. When you can keep calm, things slowly come into focus and like dominoes you can make small active changes to bring back order.

I had to buy a new car, one that would not break down anytime soon and I had to find a new place to live, one without troublesome room mates. I had to plan for my future also, one that would prevent me from having any further monetary troubles. This meant staying in I.T. for the time being and aiming to move up on the industry ladder.

These decisions may cost me more, and prevent Archaeology from ever happening, but I do finally have some peace of mind and focus.

Same Final Destination, but a New Route

The plans have changed, but the final destination hasn't. I still plan on being involved with Archaeology at some point and time in my life. For now, it's a hobby, and I still plan on taking my holidays at dig sites, volunteering. In the mean time, when I get a bit of time in the evenings I read about the history of secret codes and have developed a great, fascination for ancient or classical cryptography. I also enjoy cryptanalysis and solving cryptogram puzzles. Who knows where the future will lead? All I know at the moment is that I'll keep playing with Archaeology, whether it is at the professional level, or the hobby level.

Until next time...
Sureyya Kose.

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