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Part Time Student / Part Time Job

Sureyya's Journey, Part 6


As Sureyya starts her first year as a student, she isn't able to get funding yet and so must rely on a part-time job to help out. Finding the perfect part time job that pays the bills but doesn't exhaust you is a puzzle, and one that Sureyya must solve to get through.

Sureyya's Journey

Hello and happy new year all,

Ah, I have some time to write out a post, and so I'm doing so. Firstly I'd like to say the grades are great, that is I'm passing with distinctions in archaeology subjects. The subjects I took, mainly 'Dawn of Humanity' based on humanity's prehistoric past were absolutely fantastic. I'm developing a fine interest in maritime archaeology and Egypt. Hmmm.

Call Centre?

The only hard thing about studying is the finding of adequate work to support the darn study. It has been a pain in the arse. I've gone from doing small time private investigation work would you believe it? to call centre's selling and informing people about electricity, to working in an airport catering company. The investigation work was intense in that the effort one had to put into the job meant essays suffered, without any guarantee of regular work. So I tried the call centre, but the work after awhile became mentally exhausting, trying to sell things isn't my cup of orange juice as I found myself trying hard to stay awake through lectures because of the nature of the work and the hours. So I thought to myself... what one needs is a job where there is no need to use the brain, to let it be free for study whilst the body takes the load and gets a good work out at the same time. Brilliant eh? K'sozhaleniyu nyet. ("unfortunately no"-I'm haphazardly learning Russian)

Airline Catering?

So I found this catering job, loading bulky items on trolleys pushing them around, getting yelled out here and there, yelling back, and thinking what a brutish atmosphere... sometimes it reminded me of a female prison... or an army barracks, somewhere you sent soldiers who have misbehaved in some way for punishment heh, the hospitality industry is for some reason notorious for treating employees like crap. Aside from brief encounters and aches and pains in the shoulders and back, the money isn't so bad, especially on weekends, but I'm still on the quest for the perfect part-time job to support me whilst I study.

Or Maybe a Bank Clerk?

I'm glad it's holidays now, and I have a few months to sort myself out and get some sort of routine happening before the first semester begins. I'm going for a few bank positions that I heard about at the catering job. The bank has a bit of selling too...(sigh) but it isn't as pressure-filled as the call centre and at least I'll be in some sort of civilized atmosphere…I hope. Night shift jobs are plenty but they wreak havoc on the body and thus the mind, so I now stay away from them. Now I know why most students want to work at a book store, the peace, the quiet, the easy money, surrounded by books…I applied to the university library and another book shop near by home, haven't heard anything, actually I've applied to all sorts of positions and haven't heard back from them. Maybe it's too early in the year? Hmm. Also if anyone is interested and is in the same boat as me, a tid-bit I picked up also from this catering place is that if you head over to any major bank, query the manager for a data entry position, you can sometimes score a job. It isn't advertised but apparently there's plenty of work available. I might try it if all my other options fizzle up. But yes, It's been a pretty screwed up pressure filled time, but I've got a great support base with family and friends-so, I'm doing alright, and thankfully getting through fine at Uni.

Grinning and Bearing

So that's the update folks, the path to archaeology has become pretty hard, getting a full-time job isn't an option, so one must grin and bear it I guess and learn to ration money out more wisely. My whimsical spending days are gone I dare say. As a student these days, you need to learn to tighten the belt buckle and manage. Some are close to paupers, we're lucky in this country in that we can get government support, but even so it means living on small rations, living in share houses and wearing shoes until your toe sticks out of it. I'm much better off than that, thanks to my parents as they allowed me to come back and live with them. Friends usually pay for my dinners and I give back what little I can for their kindness, and even that becomes hard, accepting charity that is. The days of pure independence have gone, but I'm slowly building it back up, it's one hell of an adjustment, to not have a solid income to support oneself.

No pain, no gain right?

'Till next time


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