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Syria Archaeology

Archaeological sites, culture history and pages of interesting information about Syria and Syrian archaeology

al Rafiqa
The archaeological site of al-Rafiqa is an Abbasid site in Syria

Al-Rawda (Syria)
The archaeological site of Al-Rawda is an outlier of the northern Mesopotamian civilization located in the dry steppe zone of interior Syria southeast of Aleppo.

The tell site of Atchana was an Early to Late Bronze Age trading center in Syria.

Duro-Europos is the name of a Greek colony on the Euphrates River near the modern town of Salhiyé in Syria, and the site of the earliest known Jewish diaspora synagogue.

Ebla is the name of an Early Bronze Age archaeological site in northern Syria, occupied beginnning in the 4th millennium BC through the 7th century AD.

Palmyra, located on an oasis in the Syrian desert some 200 kilometers from the Euphrates, was a trading center on the Silk Road, and an important Roman colony in the first few centuries AD.

Tell Brak (Syria)
Tell Brak is located in northeastern Syria, and it was an important site in Mesopotamia

Ugarit is the ancient name of a Canaanite city represented by the archaeological site of Ras Shamra, on Syria's Mediterranean coastline.

Metal Workers, Late Bronze Age, Ugarit
A dissertation proposal from Jill Ashley Fine at the Oriental Institute, discussing her research in Late Bronze Age metallurgy.

Oriental Institute | The Hamoukar Expedition
Chalcolithic settlement in Syria indicates complex development at the same time, but possibly independent of Uruk; from the University of Chicago.

Oriental Institute | The Tell Es-Sweyhat Expedition
Small Bronze Age city on the Euphrates; excavations by Tony Wilkinson under the Oriental Institute.

Rouj Basin Project
From the University of Tsukuba, joint Syrian-Japanese archaeology study of a portion of north-west Syria.

Umm el-Marra
Bronze Age urban site, reported here in American Journal of Archaeology by Glenn M. Schwartz and others. Complete .pdf article.

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