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Teaching archaeology can be accomplished in a classroom that's dedicated to fifth grade English, or college-age geology. Here are some resources for those adventurous few who dare to teach.
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About Me: A Kid's View of Archaeology in Jordan
Ruth is in the 3rd grade and the daughter of archaeologist Gary Christopherson; this is her page describing her time in Jordan.

American Memory: Social Sciences
Several really useful historical sources for archaeologists, including WPA histories for several states.

Anthropology Theory
From Richard Wilk's "Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology" at Indiana University, a collection of papers on anthropology's subdisciplines.

Arch "kid" ology
A collection of games and other activities for kids, from "Archaeology: A Step Back in Time".

Archaeological Parks
From the Arkansas Archaeological Survey, information about archaeological parks in the United States.

Archaeology: An Introduction
An online book by Kevin Greene of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Archéo Topo
An exploration of Native American archaeology along the northeast coast of Canada; includes games and other information. In French.

Arkansas Archeological Society
Teaching Resources, includes materials for the classroom in several media (books, videos, traveling exhibits). 

Boy Scout Merit Badge in Archaeology
From official BSA headquarters, a listing of what a Boy Scout needs to know.

From the Annenberg Collection, a discussion of the mechanisms of societal collapse, with reference to Maya, Mali/Songhai, Chaco Canyon, and Mesopotamia.

Encyclopedia of the Orient
A comprehensive, politically neutral encyclopedia on North Africa and the mideast, edited by Norwegian Tore Kjeilin, at the Centre d'Information Arabe Scandinave.

Gather Around this Pot
From the Canadian Museum of Civilisation, a flat-out wonderful resource with detailed discussion and photographs of specific pots, descriptions of manufacturing methods, and cultural associations of Woodland ceramics in Canada.

From Digiter Geoarcheologia, a discussion of the principles, applications and problems of geoarchaeology, and a case study.

Learning Sites
Digitally reconstructed ancient worlds for interactive education and research.

PATOIS: Spitalfields
From Publications and Archives in Teaching at from ADS, a tutorial on archaeological interpretation, using the excavations at a burial vault at Christ Church, Spitalfields as an example.

Pictures of Record
Archaeological slide collections.

Smithsonian Institution Without Walls
You'll need a Java-enhanced, pretty substantial machine to see this online exhibit enhanced with The Brain software which takes a bit of getting used to. But it is worth it!

Story of a Sherd
From Karen Olsen Bruhns, detecting textile structure from ceramic sherds. (Middle School)

The Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
A kid-friendly exploration of this ancient site in Turkey, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The Timucua Indians: Archaeology Book Review
An engaging book, The Timucua Indians is an exploration of Native American history and prehistory in Florida, geared for 7-12 year olds.

The Why-Files: Salvage Archaeology
A discussion of cultural resource management on the WhyFiles site; emphasis on Wisconsin effigy mounds and the Yangtze Dam project in China.

TORC, the Training On-Line Resource for Archaeology, provides data on learning resources throughout the United Kingdom, "from GCSE and A level courses through specialised training for professional archaeologists."

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