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Textiles and Weaving

Archaeological evidence of the ancient art of weaving cloth is rare, but fascinating.

History of Textiles
Textiles includes cords, string, cloth, baskets, sandals, nets--anything made of natural fibers.

Textiles from Guitarrero Cave
Three fragments of textile made from agave plants at the site of Guitarrero Cave, Peru, are the earliest example of woven fabric in South America.

The Tapestry Trousers of Sampul
The tapestry trousers of Sampul are a pair of ornamented trousers taken

Textiles - Why Do Archaeologists Like Textiles
Why do archaeologists like textiles so much? Here's a little bit of discussion of this fascinating subject.

History of Basketmaking
From Susi Nussbaum, a bunch of cool links and information on the history of basketmaking.

Tanning and Leather Bibliography
From David Rotenstein, a "Partial Bibliography of Historical, Archaeological and Technical Sources."

The Study of Textiles
From AnneMaire Denvir's page on Irish fulachta fiadh, a brief description of the archaeological investigation of textiles.

Tree and Tradition: Native American Basketmaking
From the University of Maine's Hudson Museum, a website put together for their new exhibit.

Windover Bog Site, Florida
The Windover Bog Site was a pond cemetery for hunter-gatherers, people who lived hunting game and gathering vegetable material between about 8120-6990 years ago. Most interesting, however, is the recovery of 87 samples of weaving, basketry, wood working and clothing.

Spindle Whorls
Spindle whorls are simple artifacts: a disk with a hole in the middle, but they represent a technological leap forward in the science of textile production.

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