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Tikal (Guatemala)


Temple 1 at Tikal in Guatemala

Temple 1 at Tikal in Guatemala

Ryan Weis

The ruins of the Maya civilization city known as Tikal are located in the rain forest of the central Peten peninsula of Guatemala. The earliest dates from Tikal are Middle Formative (beginning about 800 BC), and the site was constantly occupied until about AD 900. It grew to prominence during the Late Formative and Early Classic periods, and its heyday was between AD 682 and 800.

Archaeology at Tikal

Archaeologists have estimated the population of Tikal between 10,000 and 100,000; the rain forest makes it difficult to determine the real physical extent of the city. The site was 'discovered' by A.P. Maudsley in the 1880s. Archaeologists associated with Tikal include researchers from the University of Pennsylvania led by William Coe, Edwin Shook and Dennis Puleston, and most recently by the Guatemala government's Proyecto Nacional Tikal, led by Rudy Larios and Miguel Orrego.

Tikal's romantic lost location rising about the rain forest attracted American cinema director George Lucas, who used it as the 'rebel base on Tattoine' in the first Star Wars movie.


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