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Tutankhamun's Tomb (Egypt)


Tomb of Tutankhamun in Valley of the Kings, Luxor, West Bank, Egypt, May 2005

Tomb of Tutankhamun in Valley of the Kings, Luxor, West Bank, Egypt, May 2005

Tona and Yo

The archaeological site of Tutankhamun's Tomb must surely be one of the most famous burials on the planet. Discovered in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter (and funded by Lord Carnavon), the tomb of the New Kingdom Pharaoh Tutankhamun [approximately 1342-1325 BC] was the first tomb found to have escaped looting in prehistory.

Tutankhamun died at age 18, far sooner than expected (reports of his murder are uncertain), and he was buried in a tomb built for a private individual, rather than a royal-sized tomb. Probably partly because Tutankhamun wasn't buried in an obvious place, the fabulous artifacts and dressings of the body have survived centuries of tomb robbing almost entirely intact.

There have been several books written about Tutankhamun, heaven knows. My favorite has always been David Macaulay's Motel of the Mysteries. An exhibit of the artifacts and furniture is currently (2009) making its way around the world.

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