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Walking Tours and Photo Essays
Sometimes archaeology has to get visual. Here's a collection of walking tours of archaeological sites, and photo essays of recent investigations and artifact studies.

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Designing an Archaeology Vacation for Tourists: Peter Sommer
Documentary producer and tour operator Peter Sommer describes how he goes about designing a perfect tour providing tourists with an exciting and educational introduction to the archaeology of the world.

Before You Go: Choosing a Planned Archaeology Sites Travel Vacation
A planned itinerary tour of archaeology sites is a great way to spend your vacation learning about the past. But how do you choose among them to find a tour package that’s right for you? Here are some questions to ask your tour operator before you go.

Archaeological Parks
From the Arkansas Archaeological Survey, information about archaeological parks in the United States.

Foot and Mouth Disease
Foot and Mouth Disease is a world-wide problem; according to the Office International des Epizooties (OIE), forty-three countries suffered outbreaks during 1999. The UK's last outbreak was in 1981; the United States hasn't seen the problem since 1929. But it's becoming all too clear just how serious the repercussions can be.

From the Etruscans to Sodoma: A Day in the Sienese Countryside
A day-trip south of Siena, to see an Etruscan museum in a walled town, and spectacular frescos in a beautiful setting. From your About guide to Italian cuisine, Kyle Phillips.

Hobbyist Archaeology
Not everybody wants to be a professional archaeologist; but you can learn about the history and prehistory of human beings, protect the cultural resources of the world and still have a great time doing it. Here's how.

Lost Trails
The Lost Trails site has a number of really excellent photographs of archaeological sites and places to go visit, sort of a visual art workshop. The artists (photographers, musicians, painters) who are working on this project are trying to include images of every place mentioned by the Greek writer Herodotus.

Mexico Travel Guide Q&A
An interview by Susan Breslow Sardone, your About guide to Mexico, with Rob Long, co-founder of Go 2 Mexico on why you should choose Mexico as a romantic retreat.

The Archaeological Field School
Every vernal equinox, like those of all the other archaeology groundhogs, my thoughts turn to neatly strung square holes. You too, dear reader, can briefly join the rest of us in our deliciously dirty profession, by signing up for one of the many field schools underway around the world.

The Prehistoric Archaeology of Malta
There's a lot to see in Malta, considering its 7000 years of verifiable occupation. A tour of the great Maltese archaeological sites, from James Martin, your About guide to Europe for Visitors.

Top Five Megalithic Sites to Visit
Megalithic sites are among the most ancient and mysterious places to visit. Here's the top five places to get back to the basics of our Neolithic past.

Top Picks: Travel Guides
I don't know of very many of these guides, but I certainly appreciate the fact that they exist! Look for more to appear here in the future.

Top Tourist Destinations: Battlefield Sites
Wars and battles have always been part of the human experience. The proof of this statement resounds in the archaeological and historical literature. The great and small battles of history and prehistory live with us today; and so battlefield sites make interesting places to visit and learn about.

Top Travel Books in Archaeology
Want to take a trip to far away places and visit archaeological sites? Here's the place to start.

Volunteering in Europe - A Guide to Volunteer Success
A collection of photographs and stories of people volunteering on archaeological projects throughout Europe, from your About guide to Europe for Visitors, James Martin.

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