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Archaeology Videos

Videos filmed of archaeological excavations and other events recorded by the working archaeologist.

The Mystery of Easter Island
The Mystery of Easter Island is a 2012 video on the South Pacific island of Rapa Nui, in which researchers Carl Lipo and Terry Hunt demonstrate how the megalithic monuments called moai may have walked across the landscape to their platforms.

YouTube - Archaeology Videos
You Tube is a great source for finding ridiculous home made movies about archaeology--variable quality, variable producers, and -- definitely some are not intended for small fry.

Akarçay Tepe Slide Show (Turkey)
Slide show of ongoing excavations at the Neolithic site of Akarçaytepe (Turkey) (8000-6000 BC). Turkish video, music soundtrack.

Akarçay Tepe Video (Turkey)
Four minute video of ongoing excavations at the Neolithic site of Akarçaytepe (Turkey) (8000-6000 BC). Turkish video, music soundtrack.

Archaeology & Detectorists
From Gary Brun, excavations at a Roman site, which was identified by a Dutch metal detector and excavated by the Dorset Archaeological Trust in the UK. Describes how metal detectorists can work with archaeologists.

CARADIAS - Ethnic Minority Participation in Archaeology
A debate about ethnic minority participation in archaeology, supported by CARADIAS, from Caradoc Peters at the University of Truro.

Digging for Truth Mash Up
From Brad Garrett and Adam Fish, a send up of the Digging for Truth series on the History Channel.

Herdonia (Greece)
Nice fly-through of a three-dimensional reconstruction of the temple at Herdonia, by Nerowilsonbrian79 on YouTube.

Holter Burg, Germany
Excavations at a medieval castle ruin called Holter Burg near Osnabrück in Northern Germany. Walls are rarely seen on the surface but a lot of remaining wall structures are found under the roots of the big trees. In this short video, archaeologists are attempting to document a door frame. Jens Olaf.

Manitoba Archaeology
A brief report from a television news program on site excavations at a site in Manitoba, Canada.

Osnabrück and Heavy Equipment
Another brief video from Jens Olaf about excavations at Osnabrück, this one illustrating how heavy machinery is used at archaeological sites.

A brief film on the windy conditions at the site of Pingulmi as part of the Pambamarca Archaeology Field School during the summer of 2006

Small Finds Lab Work
Boy, if I ever had a sound track while I was wielding a toothbrush over a pan of water, I'd pick one that was bouncier! From Washingborough in Lincolnshire, UK.

Terra Cotta Soldiers
Video taken within the Xian site gives a powerful impression of the size and variety of the soldiers.

Underwater Drawing Skills
Very short film explaining why underwater archaeologists draw underwater when recording shipwrecks. Originally produced for the Children's exhibit at the online Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Wessex Archaeology in Dorset
At an archaeological site in Dorset, UK, archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology illustrate some students using practical field methods. Wessex Archaeology

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