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Northern African Cities of Islam

Sankore Mosque, Timbuktu (Mali)

The first Islamic city was Medina, where the prophet Mohammed moved to in 622 AD, known as Year One in the Islamic calendar (Anno Hegira), but my favorite Islamic architecture is the adobes of West Africa

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Archaeology Spotlight10

Chalcatzingo - Possible Olmec Colony in the Basin of Mexico

Chalcatzingo is a fascinating site in Mexico, where Olmec-influenced carvings were made in the bedrock, 185 miles from the Olmec heartland.

Were-Jaguar - Icon of the Olmec Civilization

The were-jaguar is an important iconographic symbol of the Olmec civilization, and many later civilizations in Central and North America.

Bering Strait and the Bering Land Bridge

The Bering Land Bridge allowed human population into the Americas some 15,000 years ago: and scholars suggest it may partly regulate global climates.

Mammalian Domestication Syndrome - Mechanisms Behind Animal Taming

The suite of physical and behavioral changes that domestic mammals share and untamed beasts do not is a puzzling one, but scientists think they know why.

Tipi Rings - Archaeological Remains of Tipis

Tipi rings are rings of boulders, remnants of Plains Indian tipis in North America, their stories told by oral history, ethnography, and archaeology.

Tipis - Ancient Home of American Plains People

A tipi is an efficient, adaptable form of residence, used by North American nomadic groups for at least 500 years, similar to central Asian yurts.

Gomphotheres - Ancient Elephant in the Americas

Gomphotheres were ancient elephants, who lived in the Americas but were dying off by the time that the first humans arrived there, some 20,000 years ago.

El Fin Del Mundo - Clovis Meets Gomphothere

El Fin del Mundo is an important Clovis site in the Sonora desert, both for its early date and for its associated kill site of two gomphotheres.

Mammoth Bone Dwellings - Houses Made from Elephants

In central Europe about 16,000 years ago, some stylish hunter gatherers built their houses out of ancient elephant bones. What a great idea!

The History of Plazas, Patios and Open Spaces

Plazas, opens spaces in communities that allow the people to come together, are nearly as old as the first cities, at least 9400 years ago.

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