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The Hittites and Hattusha

A Walking Tour of the Hittite Capital City


The Hittites were an ancient near eastern civilization located in what is now the modern day country of Turkey, between 1640 and 1200 BC. The ancient history of the Hittites is from cuneiform writings on fired clay tablets recovered from the capital city of the Hittite empire, Hattusha, near the present-day village of Boğazköy. Hattusha was an ancient city when the Hittite king Anitta conquered it and made it his capital in the mid-18th century BC; the emperor Hattusili III expanded the city between 1265 and 1235 BC, before it was destroyed at the end of the Hittite era about 1200 BC. Following the collapse of the Hittite Empire, Hattusha was occupied by Phrygians, but in the provinces of northwestern Syria and southeastern Anatolia, the Neo-Hittite city states emerged. It is these Iron Age kingdoms that are mentioned in the Hebrew bible.

Thanks are due to Nazli Evrim Serifoglu (photos) and Tevfik Emre Serifoglu; main text source is Across the Anatolian Plateau.
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Hattusha General View. The view of the city of Hattusha from the Upper city. The Upper City of HattushaTemple I and the Lower City of Hattusha with the modern village of Bogazkoy at the background.The Lower City of HattushaHattusha Lion Gate. The Lion Gate is one of several gates of the Hittite city of Hattusha.Hattusha Lion GateHattusha Temple 1. A look towards the reconstructed city gates and the store-rooms of Temple I.The Great Temple at Hattusha
Hattusha Temple 1. A water basin carved in the shape of a lion in front of temple ILion Water BasinHattusha Sacred Pool, probably once filled with rainwater.Cultic Pool at HattushaHattusha Chamber and Sacred Pool. The side wall of the sacred pool. Chamber and Sacred PoolHattusha  Chamber. This chamber was built near and partially under the sacred pool at the city. Hieroglyph Chamber
Hattusha Underground Passage. This underground passage way runs below the Sphinx Gate of Hattusha.Underground PassageHattusha Underground Chamber. An underground chamber of unknown function. Underground Chamber at HattushaThe Hittite Palace of Buyukkale.The Palace of BuyukkaleHattusha Yazilikaya. The entrance of one of the rock cut chambers of Yazilikaya.Yazilikaya: Rock Shrine of the Ancient Hittite Civilization
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