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Archaeological Sites in the United Kingdom and Ireland

A collection of webpages dedicated to archaeological sites in Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  1. Stonehenge (4)

Culloden Battlefield, Scotland
April 16th, 1746; 3 miles southeast of Inverness, Scotland. The Jacobites, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, are finally defeated on the bloody battlefield.

Destination: Boyne Valley, Ireland
The Brugh na Bóinne (Boyne Valley) of Ireland has several large metalithic tomb sites, including Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and Four Knocks; together they rate as #4 on our all-time greatest megalithic sites to visit.

Destination: Stonehenge, England
The quintessential megalithic site for the western world is Stonehenge, where every solstice, modern day druids still celebrate the end of winter.

Hadrian's Wall
The Romans occupied much of Britain for some 400 years, and Hadrian's Wall is among the most visible remnants.

Kilmartin House
Investigations in the Kilmartin Valley in Scotland have located 150 sites; this web site contains descriptions and maps to many of them, as well as a wealth of related resources.

Llangorse Crannóg, Wales
A site on an artificial island in Wales is historically linked to Dark Ages warfare.

Lofts Farm, Essex
Lofts Farm Project is a long-term rescue project close to Maldon, Essex, England. Post excavation work still progresses toward the publication of Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman & Medieval discoveries excavated by the Maldon Archaeological Group in the 1970s & 80s.

Mount Sandel: Earlier Mesolithic Period Site in Ireland
Nine thousand years ago, the archaeological site Mount Sandel was a small group of huts housing about 15 people; it was one of the earliest human occupations in Ireland.

Towton Battlefield, Yorkshire
The bloodiest battle ever fought in England was part of the War of the Roses, on Palm Sunday, in the year 1461, between the Yorkist King Edward IV, and the Duke of Somerset, fighting on the Lancaster side for Henry VI and Queen Margaret.

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