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Moche Archaeological Sites

The Moche lived on the north coast of Peru in South America between about AD 100 and 800, and produced some of the finest portrait ceramics ever made in the world.

Cuidad de Dios (Peru)
Cuidad de Dios was part of the Southern Moche Polity of Peru, and it was a small, rural farming community with evidence for several craft workshops and trade with the larger Moche society.

El Brujo Complex (Peru)
The El Brujo Complex is a major religious center of the Moche between the first and seventh centuries AD, located in the lower Chicama Valley.

Huaca Colorada (Peru)
Huaca Colorada, located in the Jequetepeque Valley of the arid desert of northern coastal Peru, is a Moche ceremonial center with important information about how transient copper metallurgy functioned in ceremonial contexts.

Huaca de la Luna (Peru)
Huaca de la Luna is a large Moche civilization settlement located adjacent to Huaca de la Sol, and both together make the site called Moche.

Huaca del Sol (Peru)
The Huaca del Sol is an enormous adobe (mud brick) Moche civilization pyramid, built in at least eight different stages between AD 0-600 at the site of Cerro Blanco in the Moche Valley of the northern coast of Peru

Mi Visita
From Felipe Wood, a visit to Sipán, with some photographs of objects in the museum there. In Spanish.

Moche Archaeology Sites: Huaca del Moche
Nicholas S. Corduan's catalog of Moche sites, by valley and with short descriptions; part of the Huaca del Moche site. English

Sipán (Peru)
The Sipán site is a large Moche culture administrative and religious center, located in the lower Lambayeque Valley on the northern coast of Peru.

From Peru Explorer, a brief tourist description with some photographs.

Moche Archaeological Sites
Archaeological sites belonging to the Moche civilization are located in a narrow strip on Peru's coast; many are open to the public.

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